OT AB test : comparison between source / capture


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Edit :
Orange 2 (second part with DAAD)
Apple 3
Banana 1


Apples 3.
Orange 1.
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I have doubts because of you, satané français !
For Oranges I mainly listened to highest notes at around 26 s and 1’08 s.


I listened to both files, and mostly ended up listening to that first loud D note in the recording, jumping back and forth from 1 and 2. To me the difference sounded small but unmistakable in both files (of course I have no idea if I was right, but I THINK I was!) but also didn’t sound like anything to worry about. It was about as subtle a difference as I hear if I compare different dither algorithms, and comparing the two makes me completely confident that the OT sounds absolutely fine to use as a mixer/hub for live use without any hesitation.


Timing please. I don’t want to search a loud D, even if Avantronica plays piano very well : it’s almost allways the same when he plays. :smile:


For me the difference is more obvious for oranges, not for apples but didn’t made a proper and carefull a/b of the same portions of the samples.


It’s a few seconds in, literally the first loud note (and the second note in general, not counting the tail of the note that it fades in on) in the clip. In oranges it happens somewhere between 0:2 and 0:3 but that’s not too helpful because the note before it also happens between 0:2 and 0:3.

If you look at the waveform view in the clyp player, there are five dots then one short line and then one much taller line - it’s at that taller line, and if you click on the line before it the next note is the one where I could really hear a difference. Again, it’s a very minor difference but if I jumped back and forth between the first and second version in the file on loud notes with a strong attack I could hear a difference.

Hop I’m not biasing things too much by saying this, if you want me to be more vague just let me know, avantronica.


apples 3
oranges 3

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I’ll advise what was what quite soon, possibly whilst it’s still very easy to collate responses, I doubt there’ll be much more feedback

this could be truer than I’d like, but it was most certainly not me playing the piano on that recording, 6 strings are more my thing


Thanks for doing this, sib. Put a lot of speculation and confusion to rest.


Possibly challenging some of the speculation and reducing some of the confusion, but nothing is definitive here … instead there’s an empirical test that’s not entirely implausible as a means to draw a comparison … it’s a bit of subjective science, but it’s not without issue (the means by which I reduced the original source recording to the same format as the OT may also have introduced more uncertainty)

where I do take some certainty from the comparison/observations is that it somewhat puts to bed this notion that the OT absolutely kills the audio pushed through it which a lot of vocal protesters would be all too quick to say without having shown they’d exhausted all options of using the OT to its best effect … the myth grows when it’s unchallenged and in a blind test with a small group of the curious we have a variety of opinions and assertions … one thing’s for sure, it’s not obviously so detrimental to the audio (and its usefulness) as folk would have you believe before

it’d be better if a more rigorous test was set up to perhaps find out some more, but I doubt we’re gonna uncover some dark secret, used with care you can evidently get high fidelity audio recorded into the OT without too much to notice for many


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