OT/A4/Digitone + keystep midi


Hey, I plan to buy keystep to play OT samples and a4/digitone.
Do I need some midi thru box?
Or its good whit setup like this? = Keystep out > OT IN > OT OUT > A4 IN > A4 Thru Digitone in.
Select keystep auto channel to OT auto channel, and then use OTs midi channels? a4 1-4 digitone 5-8ch.
Then select midi channels on keystep to play a4 or digitone? and if yes, have about playing OT ? or OT 1-7ch and then a4 8-11 / digitone 12-15ch ?


I think this will work in the way that you want.

If you leave the Keystep set to the same channel number as the autochannel number on the OT, then you can select tracks (audio or MIDI) on the OT and the messages from the Keystep will be sent to the appropriate track on the OT, AF, or DN.


i love this forum. just today i was trying to find a way to incorporate a keystep into a4 with OT and MD. right now, the midi configuration is OT > MD thru > a4. i don’t really know enough about midi for the setup to be simple for me, so i’ve been trying to find online explanations. the manual assumes a few things about the users understanding, some of which i don’t really know. so if i put keystep as midi in, and set the channels and described above, i can control OT and a4 with it?