OS Upgrade: Model:Samples & Model:Cycles 1.13

OS 1.13 sees Power Handle support added to the Model:Samples and Model:Cycles, and the addition of battery power related features for use with the Power Handle.

There are also a number of performance improvements, including general USB audio and MIDI improvements, and bug fixes.

For more information, check the release notes.

Head to our support page to download the new OS for Model:Samples and/or Model:Cycles.


Haven’t tested yet but

The first trig in the pattern was sometimes not triggered when controlling the Elektron device with an external MIDI clock, and MIDI transport was started.

Model Cycles OS 1.13

Curious if anybody has found something that we lose in this upgrade. I haven’t really found anything. They moved the track machine CC from 64(unlisted) to 70 and the ability to have a track transmit MIDI data from one machine to a the next is pretty rad IMO. Never really experienced any of the bugs that were fixed so no issues with that. What do y’all think?

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Are you talking about this?

I haven’t tried it myself but I’m still trying to wrap my head around this.

  • Note data comes in on AUTO channel
  • It trigs the current track’s machine
  • It also sends the notes through the MIDI out, I assume on the track’s MOUT channel?

I totally see how this would be useful when using the M:C as the “brain” but it seems like you might be suggesting there is a neat trick lurking in there that I’m not quite grasping yet…

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Well the first application that i can think off is a chain of a DN>M:C>Eurorack pallet case. You can have the Eurorack sequenced by the DN on a MIDI track through the M:C with a track percentage set to a certain prob say 59%. Then you could “loop” that sequence on the M:C and then mute the MIDI track on the DN to play the loop. Unmuting the MIDI track on the DN would bring back the random pattern.

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Interesting! So you’re using the M:C to record the note data from the DN?

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My interpretation of that is that I’ll be able to chain midi keyboard -> model:cycles -> some other midi device which lets me use the keyboard to (1) play the other midi device from the keyboard (2) record the keyboard onto a m:c track and then have that track sequence the other midi device. All without mucking about swapping cables or messing about with config as I go from record -> playback.

Haven’t found the time to upgrade and try it yet though, so I could be wrong.


Correct! I mean, this will also be beneficial when playing a MIDI keyboard (say a keystep) into the M:C and then into any other MIDI device. Before the M:C would only play the MIDI notes that were sequenced. Now you can play the device through the M:C, sequence, erase, play again. Super fun!


Just updated this morning, I dunno what trickery you folks did for the USB audio issues but problems I was having seem resolved :slight_smile: for context, I was plugging my M:C into an iPhone running AUM and Blocs Wave, I was having problems with Blocs audio cutting out but ran like a 20 minute session this morning with zero problems. Also first trig skip on midi clock listening all good now too.



Well, god to have a new firmware with fixes even if I never encountered the related bugs.
I am disappointed by the very few new features : just the battery related ones :frowning:
I am still expecting something allowing to send a midi CC7 on the global input channel and have it applied to all tracks. Actually using MC and MS I must send 16 x CC7 to fix the volume.

Hi all,

I’m on 1.11 yet, can I go for the 1.13 or shall I upgrade to 1.12 first?


You can go straight to the latest version :slight_smile:


Is anyone aware of an iPad app that can flash the M:C with the new firmware? I don’t have a Win/Mac computer at the moment. Thanks.

Really ? No general-purpose Sysex apps on IOS ?

This could help perhaps: Sending MIDI sysex messages from the iPad to HW — Audiobus Forum

I wasn’t aware of any. Never heard of any, at least. Deleting original reply :slight_smile:

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not tried this but might be worth a try (ipad only)

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I’ve just updated from 1.12 to 1.13 and the microtiming seems to not be functioning. I can’t get a probability lock trig to shift back 1/16 (-23/384).

I.e. I have a trig locked 1/2 on trig 9 and another locked 2/2 on 10 shifted -23/384 but it trigs on 10 not 9 as expected.