OS 1.30's Impulse machine Voltage?

Sigh… ok that means not usable for me. what a shame :frowning:

if you’re into making, then converting that low voltage spike to a 5V gate should be quite easy, plus of course there’s plenty of bespoke solutions out there already

you may want to look into DIN SYNC converters - these can use the DIN SYNC out to generate higher voltage triggers that are divided from the internal rate

I don’t think that is correct - I’ve managed to get 4.5v out of the Rytm. I can trigger an Intellijel Quadra with it for example.


Hm … interresting. I use the 1V setting at my SQ1 and it works… need to measure the output at the AR i guess to find out more.

even peak to peak, that figure seems high, but i’m not sat next to the engineers who made it, so i’ll defer to your knowledge :wink:
i was quoting a +ve level as that’s what’s important in this concern
it ought to be typically about 1.5v and maybe 1.7_1.8 max for line level for regular line level gear, but obviously some devices are made much hotter than others and that’s why it’s best to look at specs or measure 'em

Ok. I measured just the voltage using an oscilloscope and got around 4.5V. Might require some fiddling around with settings e.g set all Levels on the track to maximum, adjust overdrive in some cases.


looking at the electrical spec just now it does show the outs (mains quoted) to be quite hot :zap:
think i need to re-calibrate my understanding of what’s really happening at ‘audio’ level !

+15 for the AR mains - the numbers i’ve had in my thoughts are those for ‘typical’ pro gear i… +4dBu ~ 1.7ish

so indeed way hotter than i imagined and quoted

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I’ve triggered maths with it and also peaks. It will strike an optomix but the impulse is far to weak for a proper LPG ping. No biggie though as you can just trigger maths then use that to strike optomix. I had to fiddle with the decay to get maths to trigger.

One thing that is quite cool that would be a nice addition to the A4 is the retrigger. The A4 can’t do this so you can get some cool retriggers going.

Question. Does the impulse machine get removed from the master out? When I tried it didn’t seem to but that meant that my trigger was accompanied by a not so nice click. would be fine if I was only triggering the modular but I had a beat going too.

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can’t you make the arp do your bidding there ?

Not unless you un-route from mains like any track, see global routing options


Yeah it would be a work around, but you couldn’t have probability retriggers with differnt divisions as the arp isn’t plockable. I could do it via the octatrack though I guess.

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Thanks, didn’t know there was an option for this. As you might have guessed, I haven’t used the rytm all that much.

you can p-lock lfo, so you can use different gate lengths and use an lfo shape and value lin as destination to get customised trigger ‘chains’

may take a bit of fiddling, but it ought to be possible to set up very intricate trigger pulse tracks that mimic that which is possible using retrigs


^ just to clarify that, it works well

if you utilise the second Env, it has LFO depth as a destination option

you then have an env set up like a gate shape and vary length to suit

this is the window within which the LFO can appear

vary speed of LFO [Trg mode square] and you get the retrig/ratcheting effect

once set up it is really easy to tweak


Anyone know if RYTM’s impulse voltages are hot enough for triggering the gates of the Tiptop Audio drum modules?

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Sounds very interesting indeed…Love ratchets.

Could you explain this in more detail for a newbie like me!

Also can the Impulse engine trigger the Ext In of a Roland Sh101?

how do i do this?

I think there was enough detail to help get things going, but confusingly the comment has ended up in the middle of a Rytm thread, so I can see how it would need some clarification (it pertains to A4) … clearly not directed at Rytm, but it follows from a train of thought concerning that style of rapid triggering

The peak voltage is shared above - I recall reading that the sh101 was in need of a hotter signal, but I think that is discussed elsewhere here too

Was playing with this last night with a bunch of modules, mostly seems to work. Usually had to fiddle with the voume and envelopes to get the sweet spot for each module. Some responded better to being retrigged better than others.

Also I noticed the annoying thing is that you have to turn off the output to main for the entire device, rather than for a specific kit.

Additionally, I was hoping to use one of the paired outputs, like cymbal/ride as two triggers, but of course they end up on the same mono out, so it’s a bit like losing two sounds for 1 trig, though I guess they could be configured differently. There isn’t any way to route a sound to a different out, is there?

Getting a hot level for modular use,put the pulse into a Doepfer A183-3 amp.

I know I am ressurecting an old thread but I wanted to add that I can trigger my SH101’s sequencer by running a trigger sample (recorded trigger from a TR-606) from my analog rytm mk1 through a Doepfer A-119 Ext. In.

Connect your chosen output from the analog rytm to the A-119 (I used the 6,3 mm “Symm. In”)

Connect the GATE OUT of the doepfer module to the EXT CLK IN on the SH101.

Set Sample and Amp Level fairly high (127 and around 100 respectively but you can play around with the values to influence the gate length given out by the A-119), fiddle with gain and threshold of the A-119 (in my Case Gain is set to 1, Threshold just below 2).


Edit: It seems to work with AR’s Impulse machine too, though the TR-606 sample seems to give me a more stable signal.