OS 1.05 to 1.08 sound differences?


Hi guys

Long time lurker, recent Digitakt purchaser – I love this little box!

Quick question about OS versions – my unit shipped with 1.05 and so far I’ve not found any problems though I’m keen to try the new compressor in 1.08. I’ve created a fair few projects and sets of patterns already and I just want to check there aren’t going to be any sound changes if I jump to 1.08?

From the release notes there’s a change in the overdrive behaviour from 1.05 onwards. Does anyone know if this is going to change the sound of my patterns? It seems like if so it’ll be a mix thing, is that right? Does the overdrive now sound different and different settings, compared with post 1.05? Any other sonic changes I should be aware of before updating?

If anyone can chime in with thoughts on this I’d really appreciate it. Many thanks in advance.




I believe the overdrive and bit crusher were changed in 1.05 and the only additional change has been a bug fix to the on/off volume of the overdrive. I do not believe you will face any major sound changes updating from 1.05 to 1.08


Thanks for that - that’s good to know.

It’s the overdrive volume that I’m concerned about though - do you think it will affect previous patterns or only new ones? I guess it’s to prevent the volume jump when using the overdrive but reluctant to update if there’s a chance of my existing stuff changing!

Thanks again.


The actual volume of the overdrive has not changed neither has the tone or it’s effect. But the weird volume jump when activating it is a bug that was fixed.


I did a lab investigation in to the sound differences, which occured between 1.04 and 1.05, and again between 1.05 and 1.06.

Summary: Going from 1.04 to 1.06, 1.07, or 1.08, the only sonic change is that bitcrush has a more consistent volume across its range, but is the same at full. If you have patterns with bitcrush settings, they will change apparent volume for some intermediate settings.


Many thanks for the detailed info and investigations mzero - great work.

My only question now is - in case I don’t like what the new OS does to my patterns (volume changes etc), does anyone know if there’s a way to go back? Are old OSs kept available online anywhere or does someone have a copy of them? Would be good to know there’s a failsafe just in case!

EDIT: with some digging around I’ve managed to find copies of 1.04 and 1.06 on Elektron’s site but not 1.05. Anyone still have a copy of the sysex and be willing to pass it to me?

Thanks again.



Ultimately 1.05 was so flawed that 1.06 got released less than a week later to fix it. Maybe that’s why you can’t find 1.05? The best idea is likely to upgrade despite your worries.


Wow, that’s a bit nuts. Well I guess I got used to it - the volume issue isn’t ideal but it hasn’t really bothered me. Totally agree though really - just paranoid about mixes potentially being changed and not being able to go back.


ill pm you 1.05 if you really want it


Thanks, that’d be massively appreciated.

Edit: Big thanks jefones - got it! Looking forward to now upgrading to the latest version without any worries! :smiley:

Thanks all!


1.06, .07, and .08 are sonically identical, except for the new compressor in .08. If you are going to upgrade, I’d go all the way to .08.

You REALLY don’t want 1.05. The overdrive volume bug really messes with your tracks.

With 1.06 and later, your projects will sound the same except for tracks that have bit crusher effect… which may need tweaking of volume. If you plock’d or LFO’d the bit crusher amount, it will be difficult or impossible to get exact same results. That all said, the newer bit crusher is much easier to use musically.

If you have tracks in your DT that must sound exactly as they do now for an upcoming gig… Don’t upgrade. Otherwise I suggest you just do, adjust and keep rocking.

If you really want the ability to go back to 1.04, you MUST make a copy of your project(s) on the DT BEFORE you upgrade. After upgrading, make sure you never load and then save those copies. Loading and saving upgrades a project to the new firmware format, and after that there is no guarantee it will load correctly on older firmware. If you do decide to go back to 1.04, after the downgrade, use only the backup projects, and consider deleting the ones you loaded and saved under the newer firmware.