…i’ll just put it in here as it’s been a while
maybe you could come join us now and then @Ess and so could others :smiley_cat:

Big ups Ess.
THIS is why I love and support Elektron.
Thank you.

That’s for the garlic bread.

Oh my!

maybe i should better ask here? because i strongly suspect i’m not the only one interested :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


With portamento. There… Another request :wink:

Haha, I actually got an email asking about this and… Honestly, I’ve never even tried making a saxophone sound on any synth, it’s not something I’ve felt the urge to do.


As a sax player I would say, possibly only with a very complex algorithm, deep understanding of the original instrument and very hard work.

The only good synth imitation of a sax I know about, is the physical modeling of the Yamaha VL 70m and also playing the synth with a wind controller. Works pretty good, I can tell … :wink:

Fun fact: After not being successful in programming synths to imitate a sax good enough, I bought the real instrument, learned to play and then understood, how hard it must be, to get this sound and behaviour from a synth :wink:


So maybe I should email this directly.

I’ve noticed many people have issues using transfer app / usb connections across win/Mac and all elektron gear . This also leads to firmwares not becoming fully installed / error messages etc.
I assumed usb protocols were well known.

@Ess , feel free to delete / move to another thread , but is this a noted issue at elektron , any FAQ available or guideline as right now ,
many new threads seem to appear , both from new and experienced users , searching the forum can be time consuming and I suspect most people panic / are surprised by something that has become expected to be very straightforward .

Is Ess real or just created by Elektron as the perfect customer facing interactive employee/bot? :grin:

Seriously thanks for all you do for this forum and not only that I really enjoy your music (just started following you on IG).



I’m real but…

Is this real?

stares out window

(And thanks for the kind words!)


No problem!

We’re looking into ways of improving Transfer - and how to approach replacing C6, because that will be needed when Apple deprecates integral parts of it. Can’t say when or how, but just want you to know that we are looking into it.

Regarding issues with connections and what-not, perhaps the various processes need to be better explained in our FAQ/manual. It can be tricky at times, especially for those who are not used to interfaces and applications that are a bit ‘old school’ like C6. There are also of course caveats on Windows and Apple platforms, and the hardware itself which needs to be taken into account.

Thanks for bringing it up, will make a note of improving upon our documentation regarding transferring and interfacing via USB.


One of the major things that still trips up people is shitty USB cables. The fact that some of your devices work with a cable doesn’t mean that the cable is up-to-spec and will work with your Elektron box.

Try different cables.

I must say that C6 is a great tool, not just for Elektron machines. It’s basically my go-to sysex dump utility.


yep, same here.

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I was surprised to see :3lektron: C6 bundled in my Moog Theremini update…
Moog like it’s too! :slight_smile:


It works best with Moog…

Yo @Ess quick question, you know how the digi boxes have vesa mount holes? Why doesn’t the Octatrack mk2 have those? Looking a bit enviously at the vesa stands thread and it made me wonder. Is that going to be a digi specific thing or a future thing? It would be a godsend to be able to swing my OT out the way like so

The OT has holes in the side for the rack mount kits etc instead, kept for legacy reasons. Debatable which option is best I guess.