Opening Overbridge control panel

Maybe I am doing something very wrong, but I can’t seem to find/open the overbridge control panel. I downloaded overbridge and updated my DT to the latest firmware. When I connect my digitakt the “overbridge/engine” application recognizes my device and status on idle. How do I actually open overbridge itself? I’d like to use standalone if possible. Please help, thanks!

Did you look in a folder / elektron folder in apps / program files ?

There’s also the icon that should appear , I guess it’s bottom right on windows .
It’s probably in the manual too .

In ableton search for digitakt in plugins
And put digitakt into overbridge mode.

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Yea Iv done those steps. Im running a Mac it may be somewhere I’m not looking. Do you know if if OB can only be opened through a daw? I’m pretty new to this

I ended up figuring it out. It’s taken me longer to figure out this step than I’m willing to admit. Now I can finally get things going. Thanks!