Open Challenge #7: Voting Closed

This is the voting thread for the Open Challenge #7 - Droning On

Voting is open to all forum members.
The entrées are listed in order of submission date.

Please do not reply to the submission-review posts in order to keep the listening and judging process easy for everyone.

Have a good listen and cast your vote in the Voting-Poll (cheers @LyingDalai) below.

The poll-forms had to be split into 3 sections because of a max. 20 limit.
So please only vote once for your favorite drone and not once in each poll.

-One vote per member.
-The winner will get to host and organize the next open challenge.
-Voting will close on April 15.

Thanks for all the great submission’s everyone, good luck!






















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Your favorite minute drone (3/3)

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The polls had to be split into 3 sections because of a max. 20 limit.
So please only vote once for your favorite drone and not once in each poll.

Haha gun officially jumped, I’m cool with my vote though no Biggie…

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My vote goes for the drone that looks the most like a voice.
You got to choose a criterion, I guess ^^
So there you go, @williohm!


so far this is demonstrating we all have a unique and personal dronetic connections :slight_smile:

guess that’s the power of the drone


…not sure how and if it would/could work out considering track’s length, but there’s enough material for a compilation of some sort? put it on BC/SC and then donate all the proceeds to a good cause?


This is very difficult, and I’m guessing that with one vote each the “top” entries will have, at most, a handful of votes. Wondering whether it might make sense to let us pick a top 3 (unranked), so that there will be more chance that a consensus will emerge with more total votes?

Anyway, really splitting hairs in my vote–lots of great drones here!


A glorious 48 minute drone!!
Actually, I might take the time to do this, at some point ^^


I considered the 3 vote per member, but since there was no ranking possible with poll forms, I stuck with 1. It’s simpler as well, we will still get a top three ranking in the end. Poll forms are the way to go with this many submissions.


This! I would love to help see this a reality.
Edit: if you played it at half speed it would be 96 minutes, even better😂


Very sorry, I accidentaly voted for myself. :sweat_smile:

Is there any way to undo?


If you click the “Show vote” button at the bottom of the poll:

Screenshot 2022-04-01 at 18.02.24

It’ll take you back to the list of options you can vote on. But that woudl mean you can only vote for someone else in the poll block that you’re in, so if you wanted to vote for someone in one of the other poll blocks you’re stuck…


Enough talent, so excellent solution.