Op-1 speaker repair/replacement/buttons?

So I’m interested if I can buy components for my OP1 repair! I guess it’s the most old one because it was only out on the market for a few months and I got the chance to buy one 2ndhand for only 550euros! It’s serial nr OP1 TE002AS001A.

After 3 months the speaker broke, first crackling noise and fade outs, then dead, luckily the outputs still work but I always found it crappy, noisy output for such expensive synth, would never bought it new!

When I went on a surftrip (due to not having a decent case for the synth) I lost button 1 (loop 1) with the plastic mecanism too, it still works but it sucks to work like that, and sometimes a button needs harder pressing because it’s almost stuck!

Can someone point me into a direction where I could buy a button 1 and new speaker? I contacted TE years ago but they said to send it back. I don’t want to, it’s long out of warranty and the fix does not seem to be to complicated at all!

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