Online Jamming with Sync

Any one found a services that lets you jam online, more specifically Jam with midi clock sync?

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I’ve not found one with midi clock sync but jammr works and ninjam as a plugin for reaper also works. Both work on the same premise that there is a timed lag, so it will be 4, 8 or 16 bars. So you don’t hear each other at exactly the same time but it works well for electro stuff. You can’t midi sync tho but you just beat match to a metronome and its pretty easy to do just using a kick.

Interested to know if anybody knows of anymore!

I wanted robots to help me stay in sync.

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Lol, you already have robots to keep you in sync, you just need to hit start at the right time :crazy_face:

Its TOO Hard!. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Jammr has a metronome which you can sync to via midi.
Just jammed with a friend and it was pretty tight, we used ethernet cables into router not wifi and we live in the same city which apparently helps with syncage! It’s free to try but you have to pay to set up your own private jams!

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I was using this last night also and the timing was useable. Had been using ninjam but we were always slightly off.
You can setup a private room in the free version…if you select new jam and then go to the admin tab in the file menu and go to access control you can add the name of who you want to jam with and set it so only they have access. Worked perfectly! There doesn’t seem to be a paid version available yet.

Edit: Damn, I got an email from them just an hour ago saying they have now implemented a premium version lol oh well !

Endlesss seems promising ?

I think thats iOS only?

a very different but FAST approach to jamming. I’ve been using it almost every night since beta release.

coming to standalone app

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Interesting, I wonder if I can use my MBP and my mate use his ipad…hmmm…will check it out properly, cheers!

Tried a few online jamming apps now and this has been the most solid one by far. A wee bit of drift but manageable. Seems like it can send midisync to a standalone VST but I haven’t tried this.

Can Endless Studio send midi clock to each of the musicians? My buddy and I are trying to sync up midi clocks since we’re both doing sequenced drum machine stuff. Jammr can do this (you’re off by 1 bar, which is ok for us, since we are doing looped electronic beats). But everyone on their forum says the midi clock send is iffy. Will definitely fork out cash for the right solution.

Eventually if enough peeps are onboard with their Kickstarter

So all of endless is asynchronous.
The app and all its attached external/internal devices will sync just like using your daw.
When you dig a loop that you want to contribute to the “jam” you would press 'commit/loop` button. THAT part of the loop is then sent to the “jam” for every one to hear.
The local session is completely sync’d, the internet is then just sending small loops back and fourth. This eliminates the need to stay sync’d with streaming audio with undetermined bandwidth speeds.

I just sorta doesn’t allow of real time Magic moments of Crescendo decrescendo. I wouldn’t call it a rehearsal tool

Is there anything new coming? Something that is synced / clocked? I mean … the internet (speeds) should be ready for this, right? Maybe not 16 Tracks uncompressed - but something inbetween … 1 Track uncompressed - or a little compressed?

My ping is around 20 ms, downloadspeeds are stable and fast so is upload (atm around 10 MBit only) but nowadays you get standard 200 down and 25-50 Mbit up. That should be working with someone else who has a comparable speed?

Isn’t this what Ableton link was for? Sync over IP?

Only works over local area networks

There must be a way of tricking it into thinking it’s on a local network. I can remember old apps that could do that kind of connection on PC, sadly, I don’t remember the name. They enabled people to play LAN only games remotely etc.