Online Jamming with Sync

Any one found a services that lets you jam online, more specifically Jam with midi clock sync?

I’ve not found one with midi clock sync but jammr works and ninjam as a plugin for reaper also works. Both work on the same premise that there is a timed lag, so it will be 4, 8 or 16 bars. So you don’t hear each other at exactly the same time but it works well for electro stuff. You can’t midi sync tho but you just beat match to a metronome and its pretty easy to do just using a kick.

Interested to know if anybody knows of anymore!

I wanted robots to help me stay in sync.

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Lol, you already have robots to keep you in sync, you just need to hit start at the right time :crazy_face:

Its TOO Hard!. :stuck_out_tongue:

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