Online Dating

I’ve recently gotten, or nearly completely gotten, my shit together after years of fuckery, and then illness.

I don’t drink anymore, so my previous location and methods of meeting women is… less feasible. I know some people who’ve met people online, and have decided to give it a try.

What a weird and awkward experience so far. Not sure how I feel about it.

Anyone have experience or thoughts on it?


works well for me:


I’ve had success with it as long as I don’t mention owning music equipment.


I’ve surprisingly used this more than once. I’ve even sent it to a supplier when they scheduled a call at 4 in the morning.

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Sent you a PM with my experience.


Initially my experience was a mixed bag until I met my now wife. Before that it ranged from good conversation to painfully awkward. I guess it doesn’t work until it works, and it’s 100% a numbers game.

I’d say keep trying, but don’t try too hard because it’s not that serious, especially if you’re working on yourself.


This is how I found all of my success in my 20’s, but its not me as much anymore. And as far as being the local guy, I’m not in the city/neighborhood anymore where everyone knows everyone. It’s a lot harder out in the suburbs where you have to drive everywhere.

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Met my wife online 5 years ago. :raised_hands::sunglasses:


Could also try Boomhauer method


I had some interring times with online dating. Met some nice people. My most significant relationships though all came from going to house parties, which I appreciate don’t crop us as much as we get older. House parties are like the best place to meet single pringles ready to mingle. :smiley:



My friends who have house parties have ones with lots of drugs and alcohol, which are two of my favorite things that I no longer do… which makes it awkward lol.


Passed me by this so can’t comment, nowadays my life’s gone all Chevy chase


Yea same! Or anything else about my personality


I’m an introspective Sagittarius who likes live music, long walks on the beach, and Jim Carrey movies.

I like partners who have read the Octatrack manual (NOT the Cliff Notes version!), can hold a conversation, and isn’t afraid of adventure.

Long term commitment if things go there, but a friendly coffee date at Guitar Center is a good start…

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Itr was the way to go for a while, like I’d combine it with hitting bars and clubs in the city and always had success that way. Meet a girl in person -always optimal, or ask her to meet you in a public place while you both are out on a weekend? - safer for her and easier.

Anyway I think now its gotten more crazy with scammers galore and you have to be real careful who you have over. Be safe out there, it is always a numbers game but you have to be smart about it.


My wife didn’t know I had anything but a passing interest in music many years into our relationship, and not until we moved into a house together.

It was at that point I had to move all my gear, a home studio worth of 5 keyboards, various rack equipment, grove boxes and samplers, amps, speakers, guitar and bass, pedal board, several racks and stands and boxes and boxes of cables.

If she knew the extent of it, I’m not positive I’d be married today.


Wether it’s dating online, or meeting people in public, it’s always going to have its ups and downs.

I’ve always found the best method for either is to learn how to be honest with yourself and others about what it is you desire, and act accordingly.


Tried dating apps after my marriage of 20+ years imploded. Was weird. Many convos that went nowhere. One Platonic friendship with a much younger woman that didn’t last. One affair with someone met over more general social media. Ultimately ended up with someone I’d already been friends with for fifteen years. Only lesson to draw is that it ain’t easy. Best of luck to you!


Met my (now ex)wife on the internet in the late 90s. No regrets but not overly keen to try it again.

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