One of the ARP don't stop playing when I press stop

Hello elektronauts

I’ve a little issue here with my setup, I’m sequencing from Octa and sending clock to an analog four.
When I press stop one of the playing arp continue to play.

I dont understand so much why :confused:

I’m using a midi translator between octa and analog four but I don’t know exactly where does the problem come from.
Did someone already had a similar issue ?


If it is an arp playing I don’t think pressing stop will do anything? The transport controls are for the sequencer. It sounds like the A4 is still responding to a note on event (hence the arp running)

What stuff do you have connected besides OT/A4 and the midi translator (Bome Box?) and how is your gear connected?
What’s the midi translator for?

Does this also happen when only OT and A4 are connected?

All midi is coming from OT?
What happens if you turn off the arp?
Have you tried power cycling?
Does this also happen on a new OT project?

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Are you gonna get answers?

I press stop on the sequencer sending notes ! (OT)

Probably a Note off not sent?
I had this kind of problem mapping Notes On without mapping Notes Off (Notes On with Vel =0 on OT).


I think it is :frowning: but I tried to resolve it and asked the same code command than on an other arp/midi channel and it seem to don’t respond as same. Anyway, I think it’s the Issue here.
Thank (I’ve been ban again on AF :() See ya