One Elektron Box to pair with M:S. What is it?

Suprised this perennial question hasnt come up on the M:S forum.

Im asking because im actually planning on buying a companion for mine and im really struggling.

I’ve owned the DT, A4, MnM, and currently only have a M:S

Right now, im leaning towards the AHmk1. But maybe my mind could change.

If you could only have one to pair with MS, what would it be?

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For me M:C
Same workflow, different feeling,
a Love:Live combo <3


Depends on what you want to do.

If it is to play live, Octatrack. OT can take any other elektron groove box/synth and turn it into an uninterrupted performance.

If it is to get a wide variety of sound and have a simple 2 box, mixer-less setup:
Digitone or A4, depending on your tastes.

What do you want to do with the pair?


Ha - Heat would be great for spicing up those beats. But, for diversity in sound, I’d suggest Digitone or Model:Cycles. That way you have sample-based workflow covered as well as some great synthesis in either the DN or M:C.

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Maybe analog 4 just because it also can do an awesome job processing sound.


fortunately or unfortunately, depending on what you need or what you do musically or what your style of production is…there is no answer to this.

I find myseld using pretty much anything from DT/DN/M:C with it.

been lazy lately though, so I used only boxes with audio in to have a quick setup no mixer…

I’d go for a performance box, probably the A4 over Rytm as the former has some lovely synthesis and that world class sequencer with patch per step. Not even tried a Digitone but I expect it’s even more versatile than the A4. Or you could go all-out and grab an OT if you want 100% OTB.

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I’ve been looking at what to buy next (I’ve got too much time on my hands) and although I was leaning towards a Dreadbox synth or a Lyra-8 I’ve just watched a bunch of YT videos with DT drones and I’m really impressed with what I’ve heard. I also think, if I’m not mistaken, that I could plug my M:S into the DT and the 2 would sync as well as the DT passing the audio through so it would act as a simple mixer for this two-box setup.

I bought a DT about 18 months ago and I basically returned it straight away because I got scared about how to program it but I’m tempted to try again now. I’m a bit more calm now and I think I could take another crack at it! That said, I haven’t heard anything that can compete with that Lyra-8 for drones, it’s just mesmerising. But of course I can use the DT as a general “groovebox” which is impossible to do with the Lyra-8 so it’s a more versatile box.

If I had the chance to add a lyra-8 to any setup I’d do it.

the sounds coming out of it are very unique…could fit any style in a bizarre way…

but no way it is a companion to anything though, it swallows everything it touches :wink:

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I pulled for the DN today. I’d still love to have an analog heat one day. but im moving into a smaller place and likely wont have room for much more.

Excited. I loved the DT and DN seems like its capable of some beautiful sounds

I love elektron. im not really a “producer”, i like to make sounds, more for therapy than anything else. The DN looks ideal for my needs


Great. You’ll love it. Plus you can stick M:S outs into the DN ins, and use DN headphones socket and the master effects of the DN to effect everything

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I meant DN in my last post, not DT. Too many acronyms!

Yeah ill definitely be checking out the DNs effects proccessing capabilities. It seems like it is more limited than the A4 in this regard, but thats ok.

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It is. But still you can get some truly amazing things out of the DN. I highly recommend you watch DN creator Ess’s 2-hour Twitch stream from last night. It’s focuses on dirty stuff mainly but it also shows just how much can be done with the box. Here’s the link:


Digitone was a really good choice. I think it’s now my favorite synth ever and I’ve never been really satisfied with one before this.

It just sounds so nice right from the start. Took me a couple days to figure out the basics. But I just created 5 Really nice patches in like 10 minutes. Once I figured out how the synth parameters work its just so easy to get what you want.


Wow, you sound like I did when I first got my DN. And I’m still deeply in love with it. I’ve bought all sorts since but there is just something about the DN. I look at it turned off and I can almost visualise the beautiful clean thick tones that are gonna pour out once I switch it on. A good choice my friend.


Is this available anywhere else. I watched a bit of it and I wanted to come back. Guess it’s gone now

Maybe the link changed. Check Ess’s Twitch videos.