On the fence about getting a Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK

Been researching this for a while and wanted to ask here in case anyone has had any experiences with this mixer

What I need it for:

  • Run into it
    – most ind outs from AR MK1
    – the rest of the AR channels out as a stereo pair, plus the effects
    – the stereo out from my AK
    – a mic
  • Live mix everything
  • Be able to multitrack record live takes
  • Be able to mix recordings

I can accommodate to more or less channels, the whole point here is to use a tactile interface, no screens, and almost no computer

So, 'nauts:
1. Have you had any bad experiences with the Soundcraft Signature 12 mtk?
2. Have you used something similar that you would recommend over it?

There’s a massive and informative thread on this mixer already. You can find it here:

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