On device DT/DN controls sluggish with overbridge?

Sorry if this has been posted in mega threads. When in OB mode, using encoders on the device results in sluggish controls and lagging visual feedback, making it very difficult to dial anything in. Controls via the OB software interface seems to work as expected. Disabling OB USB mode resolves the issue. Is anyone else experiencing this? MacOS, OB, and hardware firmware all current.


Having the same issue. Thanks.

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Yeah having the same issues with Digitone Keys & Overbridge being active in Bitwig.

Have you checked the buffer size?

I’ve not - though isn’t that for audio latency (not synth controls latency)? It’s weird, some things I can navigate quickly (changing sounds) but others were taking several seconds to update (mapping velocity parameters).

This has nothing to do with the DaW or Pc settings, aside from the fact that overbridge is active. All my complaints are on the hardware, not any audio latency issues. It’s a digitone CPU issue worsened by using the 4 pole LP according to a brief elektron response I got long ago.

What I’m wondering is why it doesn’t seem like everyone has this problem, or very few users are using overbridge. Both my keys and OG digitone have this problem. I’m scared to hook my Syntakt up to OB…but if they released that without enough power to solve this issue, that’d just be plain negligence. :joy:

Interesting, I was trying to work out what might be causing it. I couldn’t determine if it was progressively getting slower over time, or if some patches were causing the latency. I’ll investigate the LP4 side of this now…