Official Elektron PSU questions

Two questions on these things:

  1. Why are they so damn hard to find?
  2. Why are they so damn expensive?

I need 2 extra legit Digi PSUs as the 3rd party ones I have are either experiencing grounding issues, shielding issues, or just total garbage. Haha.

Think you answered your own question there :smiley:


You… just shush.


Cant just use any jawn…

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Are they? How many online or local shops have you checked?

Enough that I wanted to ask… I don’t have a list of the various stores. I saw a few at Sweetwater and one other spot. Some are the old 3b, others are the new 3c.

Nothing special about the PSU. Just look for the correct V,A and connector size from a trusted manufacturer.

I’ve been trying. Again, if I’d found something I wouldn’t be posting. Haha.

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