Octatrack Wishlist for next OS update

My main gripe is that you can’t overdub pickup machines when the octatrack is in external slave mode… WTF

more (any) track progression options. like it is implemented in the Midibox seq V4.

Play midifiles.

Record/play “linear”-midi in addition to the excellent step-sequencer mode.

Edit: … to be more specific …

I would like to work with midi content as I am used from audio. This said, I would like to have

  1. midi-sequence slots, which would refer to *.mid files
  2. a midi-Static/Flex-Machine
  3. a midi Recorder for “linear-midi”
  4. a midi-Pickup-Machine for “linear-midi”

Too much asked for? Maybe, but would this not be the killer Octatrack for the future? More and more musicians turn from software only concepts to software/hardware set-ups. Reliable midi software solutions for external hardware are rare. Hardware concepts to control external hardware will IMHO become important again.

Or, Elektron, how about to develop a dedicated sequencer. I would by it, rather then looking to MPC or equivalent second hand hardware.

this x 100!

before forums, people had to accept what a piece of electronic music equipment could and couldn’t do, and work with that.

suggestions to refine/fix the existing functionality are maybe worthwhile, but these huge lists of feature requests… it’s just never going to happen :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I miss Midi one shot trigs !

…sudden pattern change!!!

chain behaviour options just don’t cover all needs…

…it must be possible to change patterns to EVERY next big one, step1, no matter how long the pattern is, for god’s sake…

and i wont stop to ask for tempo trigs!
also not immediatly for every step…same here…a trig that only works from step 1…
so we got tempo per pattern…
and the option to change the pattern any time we want without any hussel…so next punch is mine…

+1 on this…
PLUS, I’d like to see the PickUp Machines pushed further, to include more flexible/arbitrary handling of loop in/out points, so you could re-define the loop-length in a destructive/performative manner.
No pushing a looper track through a beat-repeater is not enough.
I want to use the Multiply function of a loop to overdub/permute a loop into smaller/longer lengths of arbitarary beat counts.
At present, the Multiply function simply doubles the loop length within a single overdub pass.
I want some Multiply FROM and TO behavior, as described in further detail in my first post on the topic, so that this machine can really do what the Gibson Echoplex can do.
This is how a looper can approach the metric fluidity of a MIDI arpeggiator.
I hope that the architecture of the Flex or the Pickup machine could handle this.
I listen forward to what Elektron will do.

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Play slices via midi (ex. keyboard)

I’m sure it has been suggested but more Parts would be lovely. The more I figure out how to use them, the more I wish I had 8 or more to work with.

I’d love it if the Rate could be used to speed up sample playback as well. Maybe there is a way to do this that I haven’t discovered yet.

Also, probably not gonna happen, but I’d love it if there was an Arp option for the samples. I know you can physically take a midi cable from the output to the input, but that isn’t always ideal.

One of the greatest handicaps is there´s no (easy) way to copy banks/parts/patterns from one project to another. Thats why effective project management is just impossible…

So, Elektronwizards, please, please, please… There´s a really big room for impovement. :wink:

Way too many to list. Here is a couple, which as far as I am concerned are bugs.

a) Parts Send/Recevie midi Simple, when changing Parts, send Midi CC; likewise, be able to change Part via midi CC.

b) Multiple Track Mute/Unmute Sending multiple track mutes/unmute comands via Midi when using [FUNC] + [TRACK #] Works on a single track, but does not send X CC’s when X tracks are muted/unmuted.

Both of the above would make using two Octatracks together a lot easier. a) would allow Part synchronisation, whilst b) would allow the ability to control mutes on slave OT from Master OT.

Check out Octatrack Software Editor Lite in the files section.

Give that a play/test, it might help you with copying stuff around. Backup all your work first obviously, and be aware that it won’t copy the samples around between projects.

tons of good ideas …
but what about easy little implementation from the digitakt …
Like being able to copy/condition/etc… more than ONE step ( trig ) at a time … just like on the DT … and also like on the DT, being able to copy an audio track to a midi track … at least the trigs … i dont understand why its not possible … :sweat_smile::joy:

auto-generated fade in/out when slicing to avoid pops.

if track 8 is a master track, add the ability to use more effects rather than just 2.

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A pony… :smile:

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Old dogs won’t learn new “trigs” … :smiley:

Joking aside: all you can hope for is a bugfixing update, because the OT got declared “feature complete” a very long time ago.

An Elektron employee has already confirmed that at least the problem with the page LEDs colors (hard to see the active page) will be fixed. Maybe they take the time to fix a few other minor bugs, too, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.



Toast 8 pieces of bread simultaneously. Use the slices function to turn one loaf into up to 64 slices. Randomize and extend patterns with crumbditional trays. Disable the 2nd law of thermodynamics on the fly to allow reverse toasting via the rate control - no more burnt bits!

Elektron, get with it. We’ve all been asking for these features since at least 2015.


No need to request something, that’s already confirmed to be fixed in a future update.

And before someone asks, read yourself:

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I had no idea! Thanks.

A small thing - it would be great if default or favourite Trig mode could be set in the personalise menu. I use the Quick Mute mode all the time so it would be convenient to have it as default.