Octatrack will be here today


Elektron Transference? :slight_smile:
I hope you’re doing well with OT.
If you get confused, have a break.


So can you set up record buffers 1-8 to internally record tracks 1-8 whilst jamming, so you end up with the 8 stems of an entire song saved to CF card?

What way would you set the record trigs and is there a limit to record length?


Yeah I did it but you are limited by Ram.

Without samples in Ram (Flex) :
16 bits : 8m28s (508s) 63s per track
24 bits : 5m39s (339s) 42s per track

(You can check this available time in Memory Config, and in Recording Setup 1)

An intesting thing would be to record an Arranger song sending / recording knobs and crossfader with another linear midi sequencer, play it several times and record each track individually.


It’s a shame you can’t record direct to CF.


Yeah. OT2 in 2030.
With a looper like RC505 it’s possible to record / overdub on a MicroSD card, up to 3 hours, and read 5 stereo tracks…works with a 32 GB card. One record at a time.


The Octatrack is king. I’ve sorted out the buffers and slots and record trigs.

What an amazing device.

Elektron really knocked it out of the park with this one.