Octatrack whacky pattern behaviour [resolved]


So I usually double click the STOP button on the OT before I start playing a song to be sure everything is starting at the right place.
For some reason, on only one bank, when I do that it starts the RYTM and A4’s second pattern.
The only thing they receive from OT is Clock and Program so if I change a pattern on the OT, RYTM and A4 are in sync.
No MIDI tracks and the Arranger is off.
It happens on only one bank (bank 4), all other banks are fine. What possible setting am I missing that would cause one bank to push external instruments to pattern 2 while OT is on 1?


Ahhh, nevermind. I didn’t realize MIDI tracks still send program data when they are off. I didn’t check what the MIDI tracks were doing since I turned them off so I looked and there it was.


Could you elaborate?
Midi tracks shouldn’t send data when muted.*
Midi > Sync > Prog Change > Send is still activated if midi tracks are muted.

*And btw I wish lfos could be stoped when you stop the sequencer.


RYTM and A4 are set to ch16 for program change from OT.

I had a MIDI track set to ch16 (can’t remember why) with a program change value set.
That should’ve been removed.


:thinking: there is also something with the double stop : it sends midi tracks CCs and Prog Changes. You can check it midi with a midi monitor.