Octatrack vs. Digitakt + Digitone

I’d say get the OT. You have two MONSTER synths…sample/loop them!!! I’d love to have the DSI ob. My sub 37 is my OT mk2’s best friend, as is the rytm mk2.

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Agree with @Astromass about the synths you currently have. You have two synths that many people dream of having so I dont see why you would need DN (unless you REALLY need an fm… but then again you have Operator on Ableton). The OT can mangle and transform those synths in more ways than the DT can.

If you didnt have the synths you already have though, id probably suggest the DT+DN combo.

If you record only mono things, and don’t resample, why not…
Mono only for sampling / resampling is a total deal breaker for me ! And you have to edit / assign audio anyway.

With OT you have instant access to 8 recorders with quantized trigs possibilities, 4 different audio input souces and 10 internal sources choices. You can real-time resample your resamplings !

Ot can do all what DT can do, except Program change send at any step, midi notes overlap on 1 midi track (midi notes linked to a step have all same length in OT, not in DT apparently).

The OT IS cool- but you’ll have more luck with the Digi-Duo.

For melodies, the DT has double the range than the OT. It’s also nice to have an actual synth at hand that’s where the DN will come in handy- you’ll have a multitude of different synthesis methods at hand with the Digis(FM, Wavetable, and semi-granular) wavetable and Granular with a 4-octave scope.

There’s also a trend of people selling the DTs for cheap 2nd hand. It’s a buyers market!

I recommend starting with just the DT though- as that’s the creme de la crop for most of your musical needs

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good job!

There is some more stuff, e.g. lfo can modulate sample slot choice. Controll-all feature


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I’ve seen people post often about this OT live sampling/resampling and mangling but I’ve never heard a demo of it. Examples please!

just watch a videos of dataline he’s doing it all the time !


Yep I missed some points ! The 4 octaves too.
I exagerated.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I’d like to test it seriously one day but DN first !

About above points, OT has some workarounds (control all with 5 midi tracks and all audio tracks with the same channel, 8 octaves with a midi processor mapping Rate per range, slices, trim editing…)

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^ Don’t forget rate set to pitch gives OT more octaves :wink:

Personally if I had to choose OT or DT and DN I’d definitely pick the OT, the Digi’s are very nice and a joy to use, certainly more immediate than the OT, but well the OT is pure beast mode, once you learn it nothing really comes close IMHO, it is very versatile and despite what some might say, sounds great, it has probably the best digital filter I have ever heard.


DT plus an SP404 are great combo to achieve something similar. Not as many options as the Octrack but still pretty nutty. Without my DT the SP feels so lonely haha

The mono only thing can be a damper if you want to resample with the stereo FX on it. It only captures left-side information so if you have a ping-pong style delay it cuts it off a bit. This is more of a nuisance for people like me who wanted to use the DT for more than what it actually is, haha.

Pretty clear examples of live sampling


OT MKII and DN are 2/3rds of my only hardware and I gotta say if $ was the main issue, I’d go down to a MK1 OT to keep the DN.
Having them both is great.

But @Howl, since you have a Sub37 and OB-6, I think you are more than covered with just the OT MKII, unless you are itching for what DN does (FM, subtractive and additive, all in one), but it sounds like you might not be.

Also, a note that since you are also using your gear with Ableton, be sure to check out sequencing Drum Racks with OT MKII. It’s so powerful and relatively easy to setup. I’ve recently gone through and re-configured my favorite drum racks to correspond to the track/sound assignments I generally use with OT’s MIDI seq.
I sold my Rytm MK1 to a friend and this has helped me cope with not having a dedicated drum machine.


Here’s a little demo of a few beats run through the OT that are sliced and rearranged and layered with the original beat in real time. It’s just one simple demo example using one flex track, can get much more tricky than this…

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Thank you, everyone, for your kind and wonderful help. After lots of deliberating, I’m now the owner of a shiny new Octatrack! Now to just learn this thing.


Wise man :slight_smile: wish you a lot of fun and some patience

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I sold it. I’ve decided that it’s time now to try the DN :slight_smile:

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Congrats ! Patience and fun. :wink:

Please ask if you need help. I’m still learning too…so

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C u in 3 years :joy: :wave:t4:

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