Octatrack vs Deluge


Can Deluge be controlled by an external midi controller, like channels volume, send effects and stuff, just like the Octa?


There is still work to be done controlling certain functions via midi. Control of the active track and synth engine parameters is easy by creating template presets using its midi learn function. AFAIK, a global channel for controlling the level of each track still needs to be developed.


Could you please elaborate on the limitations regarding looping?
What you wrote sounds like it cannot play back multiple preprogrammed tracks in a live setting.


From what I’ve gathered you can’t just press a button, have the deluge start recording only the inputs and begin looping it automatically when your done… It seems to want to record everything your hearing from the machine, bit fiddly to quantize the recording, and no automatic immediate launch of playback. Yet alone pre-slicing and all the neat tricks you could do with a sampler looper. They keep adding things so maybe one day, it seems it’s got the mojo to do such things…

I do think it’s vey much designed to play multiple preprogrammed tracks in a live setting as you mentioned, just not building those jams live in the moment out of samples your capturing at that moment…

See this discussion here:


Not entirely true, though the fundamental argument that the Deluge isn’t great as a live looper, still remains.

However - synced recording is very much possible. By setting one of the track’s oscillators to External Input, and then having the Deluge sync whatever source you got coming from the outside to its clock, you can start and stop anyting controlled by CV or Midi on a perfect note. Getting loops with perfect start and end points is quite possible and easy, with the Deluge.

Also, sampling doesn’t need to record anything internal from the Deluge, you can set it to record only external stuff and then switch the internal audio souces back on again, when you’re done.

As a sampler, it’s pretty great for all kinds of purposes. As a looper, not so much.


How does timestretching compare on the two machines?


That’s my one gripe with the OT. Either I suck at dialing in the fx (but I don’t seem to suck with other effects like in my DAW or pedals) or the OT is weak at them.

But the crossfader with scenes makes it so impossible for me to give up the OT. There’s just nothing else out there with that feature (I think).

Anyone else find the Deluge’s interface visual overload with all those buttons?


My impression was that the Deluge did it better, with less artifacts and stuff. Also, you can time stretch after tempo or your own defined time frame disconnected from tempo, without affecting pitch. Pretty cool.


Let’s say I have recordings of a sax solo, some piano, git riffs etc. (total tracks = 8), max. track length = 64 bars - will I be able to load them onto the Deluge, play them back, add FX, time-stretch them etc.?
What issues mifgt I run into?

Does the Deluge offer trig cons?

Will it be able to sequence my Minitaur with programmed notes?

Thanks so much for your patience!
(I think I want the D…)


OT’s funny like that, there’s probably devices that do every feature of the Octatrack better than it does (not just one device, devices) but when you put the whole package together and slap a crossfader in there, it’s just too good… :slight_smile:


It will sequence the minitaur, notes and CCs.

The latest update added the Deluges take on trig conditions.

Hold a note and turn the select knob to set a % probability (anticlockwise) or to set an iteration dependence (clockwise).
For notes at the same time (horizontal) position, if they have the same probability number, they’ll always either all play together, or all not play - so you could have a whole chord which either all plays, or all doesn’t play.
Or, if the probabilities of multiple notes at the same time (horizontal) position add up to 100, then always exactly just one of them will play. So you could have one note in your sequence randomly play one of several different pitches every time. (Don’t make any of the notes’ probabilities the same as each other, otherwise the previous paragraph’s logic will apply.)
Notes’ triggering maybe dependent on earlier notes’ being triggered. Let’s say you’ve set a note’s probability at 70%. If you make another note at a different time-position and set its probability to 70% also, you’ll notice that you’re offered an additional option a 70 with a dot (.) after it. This means “play me only if the previous 70% note was successfully triggered”. Or, there will also be an option of 30% with a dot after it, which in this case will mean “play me only if the previous 70% note was not triggered”. (30% being 100% minus 70%.)


Thanks a bunch for your comprehensive reply about the Minitaur and trig cons.
Would you mind answering my remaining questions too?
If the answers are “yes”, I’ll release GAS on the D!


If you use the analog emulation delay, lots of modulation, and timestretch on all eight tracks you might hit the CPU wall. Typical use, you should be fine. If you resample a track after slathering it in effects and other treatments, all the drain on the CPU is freed up. Straight sample playback can handle a large number of tracks.


The only thing i wish the Deluge had is multisampling . I know there is a workaround but adding proper multisampling would make this machine above the competition.


The Deluge gets lots of update love based on popular requests on the synthstrom forum - http://forums.synthstrom.com/discussions

So multisampling just might come soon. I’ve requested it myself :slight_smile:


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Doesnt the lack of an info screen put anyone off the Deluge? Why didnt they put a screen like the Octatrack on it showing whats going on. I feel they missed a trick here.


Me too!


it is a bit distracting in the beginning, but it works pretty well without a display…
A lot of stuff on the OT is done with shortcuts and not so much by looking on its display… same as on the deluge…
The display is basic but the handling is fast and straightforward.
I don_t miss it anymore but enjoy the power of the sequencer very much…


Yes. The screen/cryptic abbreviations really lets the Deluge down. Plus just stereo outputs. Those are 2 areas the firmware cannot improve. That’s why I sold mine. Everything else is stellar, great company/people and the concept is awesome.