Octatrack Volume/Knob issue…

I’n having a weird issue I can’t find an answer for elsewhere; basically after restarting, more often than not I either:

  • Have an issue where the parameter knobs stop adjusting their values on any pages, but if I press the knob I will get confirmation of the press. Even weirder is the LEV adjustment doesn’t change value, BUT if I press FUNCTION, I can adjust the MAIN LEV, or if I jump into the mixer, that seems to work just fine… or;
  • There is no output volume from the Octatrack at all, even if I load a project that I worked on the other day that was working just fine. This includes all samples, all thru machines, sample previews etc…

I’m new to the Octatrack but this is just weird. My current setup is running audio to and from Octatarck and Nord Modular, though I’m just using a THRU machine to listen to the NM. I’m also running midi out from the OT to midi in to the NM. I have the NM tracks running on channels 9-12.

I’ve tried EMPTY RESET several times and every once in a while this just seems to happen. I assume it’s some sort of weird midi issue I guess but I can’t figure out what’s going on. Any ideas?

Did you set CC to Ext?

That explains knobs behavior logically, and no audio because of a bug.
Set it to INT / INT + EXT.

No output coming from Octatrack


That seems to have done it. Sorry, didn’t catch that post when looking for a solution. Thanks


Don’t be, that’s not obvious at all, especially new to OT.

Surprisingly, I used EXT only with midi loopback, no audio bug as soon as I use the crossfader…

Yeah clearly I need to read the manual on setting up with external gear. I’ve spent the last month or so just exploring the OT, and I feel fairly comfortable with it in the sense that I can make sounds as opposed to just stare at it blankly, which was basically the first few days/week.

My goal is to get it set up with my Nord Modulars, Zaquencer, and some other stuff, but the MIDI implementation is not very straightforward. I was getting all kinds of weird behavior, patch changes, couldn’t do any CC plocking, etc.

Looks like there’s a Known Bugs thread that I should read as well.