Octatrack Tutorial Video: Mixer, FX Box, External Remixer

That’s super simple.
Double tap a track button, press left arrow which brings you to the screen where you load a machine into a track.
Choose Flex Machine for short samples (ram playback), or Static Machine for playing longer samples (streaming from cf card).
Flex and Static Machines each have a slot list with 127 samples (the first 8 on Flex Machines are the Track Recorder, that can play back audio you sample/sampled).
Double tapping a track button brings you to the sample slot list. The sample slot list can be populated with samples from the cf card.
If you loaded a view samples into the sample slit list, highlight one with arrow keys up/down and press yes to assign it to the tracks machine.

Read the pdf manual, really. Do it.
Also read Merlins Guide and Elektron Music Production Tips by Olaf Wolkenhauer

You might find this List of OT Button Combinations handy.

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Ultra beginners Octatrack video, maybe I’ll just make one to get it out of the way. Your request is not the first for this content.

There are some of the original videos that might answer some of your questions-


Definitely, these videos are great! Watched them religiously.

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Fantastic video! Learned lots, and was happy that I could follow / understand what was happening with 90% of it (as a new user).

One thing I wasn’t able to follow is the freeze delay. How were you triggering the stutter freeze delay? I understand playing the trigs from 9-16 play those tracks, but what was playing the trigs 1-8 doing? I thought those were midi trigs in that layout.

Any insight on this you might be willing to share?

Thanks again.

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1-8 is the depth of the freeze delay with 1 being the most restarts and 8 being the least.


Excellent @mpiecora Thank you for this tutorial and the other educational videos you have created to help us who are new to the OT game.

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Funny, I was just thinking about how I’d like to see a quick walkthrough on live sampling/re-sampling and how to set that up. I’m looking forward to watching this. Sounds like it’s a solid video.

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Yeah, it’s the delay length/buffer size. :smiley: