Octatrack/TR606/x0xb0x live set

I’ve put together a live set centered around a x0xb0x, TR-606, and Octatrack mk2. It’s a ton of fun!

I wrote this remix for a contest and for part of my live set over the last couple nights:

You can hear more of my live set here:

Using the octatrack finally clicked for me when I started approaching it as a “mixer with automatable FX”, sending other patterns into it instead of spending a ton of time chopping audio and arranging samples in the editor. I am finding this approach to music making extremely fast and rewarding, to build a pattern on the 3 boxes, then start looping the first x0xb0x pattern, switch x0xb0x patterns and start a second synth part with different FX to take on a separate role in the track.

The x0xb0x OS is slightly modified - I fixed a MIDI timing bug that has existed for over 10 years on it, and I modified it to respond to CC #0 (BANK SELECTION) as well as program change messages to change patterns. This lets me sequence the x0xb0x pattern changes from the octatrack without having to tie octatrack “parts” with x0xb0x sequences.

When I play live I also run this through a bugbrand stereo compressor just to give it an extra “oomph”.

Well… I will. My first show is on March 3rd (3/03) in Ottawa. Hoping to book other sets after that.


very nice!

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Sounds great! I really like this 2-3 boxes plus OT as mixer approach too, works for me.

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Tell me/us more!

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Hi Peter, thanks for inquiring!

Here’s the facebook event - https://www.facebook.com/events/580361892819326/

March 3rd, 8pm-1am Shanghai Restaurant on Somerset in Ottawa. If you come, be sure to say hi!

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Might use this thread to document the evolution of my live set if that’s cool.

So, after I wore out another TR606 pot and temporarily nuked the whole drum machine I decided to swap out the 606 for my machinedrum UW. To keep it simple and fast I just loaded it with MD909 and some x0x samples.

Sonic flexibility vs just the 606
Can program more parts
64 step patterns plus MIDI control from octatrack
Can generate sub bass!


  • I end up tweaking it live less than I did the 606. Having fixed, always 1:1 in sync controls on the 606 made it fun to grab and adjust to bring parts in and out. Ctrl-8 machines that reset state and need to be on page 1 just aren’t as fast and fluid… you need to think about it.
  • the samples are ok but not as “alive” as 606 hat/cymbal loops. The way the 606 hats, cymbals, and accent interact is amazing and can not be recreated with a handful of samples

Now my time is being spent rewriting drum parts on the MD and trying to get my kick/snare to “pop”. I originally was just using the MD stereo out with master EQ and compression. It was ok but hard to get sounding great. I have now put my kick/snare on a dedicated out into the OT so I can compress and mix them separately from the rest of the drums. I think I will keep it like this for my show.

However long term I am not touching the MD that much live, and I think it might be more fun to have the OT handle drum loops in a similar fashion (lows and highs as separate loops, 2 tracks, maybe a third track for one shots). Then I’d have case space for a SH101, which would solve my other problem (the xoxbox can be a bit monotonous and I want to move past acid and more towards extrawelt-like minimal electro)