Octatrack Tips & Tricks (OT Tips)

So ya…I thought I knew the OT pretty well. After the last few posts…it’s clear I do not.

Good stuff :+1:t6:

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ok this could be usefull if you have option to render generated settings to scene A/B


This won’t be new for some, but for me this was a nice discovery.
Just started with my first modular system and connected the OT via Mutant Brain. So far I only have one Oscillator and thought I wouldn’t be able to do much but then I thought about it a bit longer… :smile:

Sooo basically I send Gate and Pitch via Midi into via Mutant brain in the Oscillator. Putting something like 16th Notes works well for me, to trigger the Oscillator really fast. Then I send the output of the Oscillator back Into the Octatrack. Via a Thru Machines I put multiple trigs and shaped the envelope of those trigs. This way I was able to shape the Envelope without an extra VCA or ADSR module for my modular. Ultimately I’ll slowly add modules to my modular but I just figured that there are so many opportunities already with only the OT, the mutant brain and a single Oscillator.


Yep. You can save rack space and get modulation from HW. Leaving room for more fun stuff.


OT is pretty much perfect for modular I think


@sezare56 OT master…

question re samples: I set up a simple thing I wanted to test. I made a multisample at 120bmp, with 16 samples equally spaced, so start time could be modulated to select the diff start points. BUT…when imported to the OT, the alignment is off.

I will attribute this to me doing something wrong with the sample. what do I look for that I may have done wrong, sample rate is good.

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AED , check bpm matches your sample.

I’d use slice mode for this application personally. Since its only 16 samples.

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so I did that. AED, but when I load the sample does the current tempo need to match? cuz I loaded the sample to the project, and it was at 150tempo. AED said the samples BMP was 156.7 but was exported at 120bpm. so…at a loss

re slices: can slices be selected by LFO?

In the AED attributes, change the 156.7 to match your sample, eg 120bpm.

Fuck yes.

I DID switch it to 120. no luck

slices…I had no idea. I cant figure it out. dont tell me tho. let me peruse the manual. if I cant figure it out…ill be back

Playback page 2, slice mode ON.
Now start parameter controls slice.

Slice your sample in AED. Use auto or manual, shouldn’t matter if BPM is correct. Auto is quick, but might still need adjustment.

Then go.

And yeah, it’s all in the manual, oh most sacred of texts.


ya I did all that…but I musta done something wrong obviously

naturally as I get back to it to start figuring it out…I now have this super weird fucking issue. if I stop the sequence and start it…the volume start LOW [off] and gradually over about 12 or so cycles, get up to full volume. I dunno what’s going on there. nothing linked up to volume.

and I cant connect to R6Siege servers. nothing is werking right now. fuuuuu

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

amen bruv

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Have a break. Some food, beverage of choice, sleep, whatever. You’ll get there.
Happy octatracking.


If your sample isn’t dividing evenly, then the sample is at fault. Are you sure it is correct?

The BPM in the OT won’t make any difference.

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Not 100% sure based on this but if I’m working down the ‘my sample sounds weird (or timing is weird)’ checklist, I’d be checking to make sure bitrate and sample rate meet the OT’s requirements - 16- or 24-bit and 44.1khz.

way ahead of you. ive done it all so far.

its all kinda coming back to me…ive done this test SO many times. I get caught up in it, which in the end drives the OT back in the box. im deja vu-ing hard right now.

I have a sample that has a voice that counts from 1 to 16…just for test purposes so I can hear what’s happening.

ive exported the sample 24b 44.1k. ive exported it with even spacing to tempo. ive also exported it tight, with a wee but of silence between each sample. I do grid cut, not good. I do zero crossing cut, its NOT EVEN CLOSE. it misses full samples. like, 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 etc zero crossing detection is super bad. or im doing something wrong there too

after readjusting start and end points, when I play each trig, just testing advancing the sample start with LFO, I get 1, 1, 1, 1, 6, 6, 6, 6…I cant get it to count from 1 to 16.

using trig sync trig, and either Lin LFO or a designer LFO stepped 16x each step being values of 8. its just sounds like shit.

I cant get slices to werk. its even worse than time when LFO-ed.

so with all that, sample rates correct, spacing exact…what am I doing wrong. I KNOW its me. I can manage to fuck almost anything up. I want to learn how to get this correct. ive done it wrong SO many times.

ive even output MIDI CC to my DATA so I can see what im actually doing. and what im looking at looks good. it should werk the LFO output looks dead on.
but my results are garbage.

BUT, even with the shit alignment, I did get some cool sounding happy accident shit. but I want to get a hold of what im doing an understand how to get this to werk as it should. doing shit blind is killing me.

here is a sample of it NOT werking right…

that sounded nothing like 1, 2, 3, 4… :slight_smile:

this is probably the closest ive gotten. but thats 16 steps that should be sounding 1 to 16

my LFO…

what its doing…



My guess is you’re making this way harder than it really is.

After having sliced the sample on the octatrack. Then entering slice mode for the trig buttons, can you press each trig and hear each sample as they are supposed to be heard?

im certain of that. :slight_smile:

ya the trigs fire of the slices fine. I had to manually fix them mind you. the autochop was a big fail.

main goal is to use a custom LFO to move about the sample, modulating the sample start.

Its so hard to help over text via the net. If I was there in person no doubt I would spot the error straight away.

Lfo to slice is basically my thing.