Octatrack structure diagram


PATHs’ Overview Schema (PATHOS) is attempt to recreate the snapshot from a dream I have every night since I bought Octatrack.
In the dream I connect OT’s Left CUEOUT to my Right HEMISPHERE (TRS—Thunderbolt adapter in my case, check your brain inputs first, don’t try it at home if you’re not +18) to understand megabreak of conditional transiction tricks with comp filter only (well, still don’t get it) and after moving crossfader fully to the right I wake up on the OTs’ graveyard (it exist, I have seen photo here), sweaty, at midnight, with completely unscrewed unit and piece of paper with sketch scheme… I try to read it when I hear “Hello, my name is Hector, I’d like to talk about your soul…” (sliced, RATE:-61, RTRG:3, DELAY SEND:127, FB:44, TIME:48, RDM LFO:START, SPD:64, FILTER DIST:50) and he sounds so weird and I should be scared but have fun instead because the dead OTs turn on one by one with sync and beats appear (different scale setups) and suddenly, at the same moment every night (at 5:55am), I wake up in my real life on my downstairs studio floor with nothing but the printed official manual in hands (always opened on page 11).
So I decided to recreate that schema I hold on the graveyard.

I’m neither 100% accurate nor correct.
This is how I see things at the moment.
For others: It is unreadable and huge.
Download, open in most advanced app and use zoom in/out functions.

The whole Pathos: 12MB JPG / 10MB PDF


Wow this looks complete, doesn’t it?


Probably yes. I finally had to cut myself off from the river of details. For me it is complete.
But OT is so deep. The involvement forced me to go through users manual several times to include all elements and their elements… And you can add and add and add, go deeper and add and make it bigger and bigger… Maybe animation would help to make it easy to learn from.

One day I will recreate The Project from Pathos and if there is no bug - it plays the music - this for sure will be complete HIT song.


Great work! Elektron should be forced to print this on the boxes instead of “with Overbridge” until Overbridge is released.


Ahhh yes, this is know as the “dark night of the OTist”…

It does not refer to the difficulties of the Elektron sampler in general, although the phrase has understandably been taken to refer to such trials. The nights which the OTist experiences are the two necessary purgations on the path to Divine union: the first purgation is of the sensory or sensitive part of the OTist, the second of the spiritual part (Ascent of Mount Carmel, Ch. 1, 2). Such purgations comprise the first of the three stages of the mystical journey, followed by those of illumination and then union.

The only light in this dark night is that which burns in the flex/buffer while live warping. And that is a guide more certain than the mid-day sun: Aquésta me guiaba, más cierto que la luz del mediodía. This light leads the OTist engaged in the mystical journey to Divine union.


I miss the MIDI implementation there^^
… Wow… Should hang on any wall of any OTist!

So kewl thx WeirdFishes for that beauty


Wow, this can make for a really nice screen print for wall art, either for inspiration or to induce nightmares.


Holy crap I don’t understand hardly a word of what you guys are saying, but that diagram is pretty sweet and I think I’ll get it printed fairly large for my wall.