Octatrack Scene A button deactivated or broken? help

Hello Elektronauts.
i got my octatrack mkII yesterday and as everyone else i’m really confused lol. it’s getting better for sure but! there’s one problem and i can’t really find answer anywhere esle. scene A button is not responding, it is not muted that is 100% because i can’t even mute it. it’s just on and nothing really happens. when i press scene B it responds, i can lock parameters to it, mute it etc… when i press scene A literally nothing happens… like i said, i can’t even mute scene A button.
Am i missing something? is there an option somewhere to activate/deactivate scene buttons?

P.S. Red light is on on Scene button A, as it is on B…so they look identical form outside

thanks in advance


AFAIK, apart from mute (Fn + Scene button), no.

Run Test mode
Fn + Power on
Press trig 1

Press scene A : Trig 2, page 1 and 2 leds should light on
Press scene B : Trig 3, page 1 and 2 leds should light on


Alright, i’ll test it today after work but i’m afraid that wont solve it and have to send it back. Dammit…

Thanks for the tip! i just run test mode and as you said Press scene B : Trig 3, page 1 and 2 leds should light on BUT when i press scene A nothing goes on, zero reaction on pressing button. wrote electron and lets see what they say. but it really sucks to deal with this with brand new machine…

Bad start for sure. I hope everything will be ok after.
For the moment, you should be able to plock a scene B and select the same scene with Scene A with midi, CC55 value 0-15, channel 1 by default.
Not very convenient, but possible with OT only, midi cable between in and out.

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Terrible start, already sent it back and i hope they will replace it with new one and not repair it.