Octatrack recording Flex and Thru tracks at different levels

Pardon me if this has been covered before.

Not sure of quite what to search for, even explaining everything is a bit of a pain, but hey, that’s the OT right!?

I have long static samples on Tracks 1 and 2.
Track 3 is a Thru machine with a synth on it.
Track 5 is a Flex machine with a one-shot record trig on step 1, and a play trig on step on.
8 is master.
Tracks 1 and 8 have a compressor on them.

Scene A has Xlev at Max for Tracks, 1, 2 & 3, Xlev at Min for Track 5
Scene B has the opposite.

Mixer screen is all zeros.

Obviously I want to record a loop on track 5 and be able to crossfade between the live stuff and the loop.

At Scene A everything is mixed nicely, however at Scene B Tracks 1 and 2 are extremely quiet.

This happens whether I set Track 5 Source 3 to be either Main, Cue (with 1-3 cued) or T8.

I have loved this machine for years but really, every single time I go to do something on it I’m stymied by something seemingly basic like this.

Recorting Level depends on AMP VOL, not track LEVEL. That can explain…
We need to know your values to find out…

Thank you sezare56. I checked all the AMP levels and they were all zero…

Even though I didn’t didn’t change anything it seems to have righted itself.

Does the INAB VOL on the THRU machine Playback page affect recording?

Doesn‘t master track level has to be at 127 to avoid level inconsistencies when crossfading between playback and recorded loop?

THRU PLAYBACK VOL has to be at +63 for unity…

Thanks Schnork and sezare. I must have known about the Master track level before because I haven’t had this issue previously when I’ve used this trick. Such a use-it-or-lose-it device.