Octatrack psu

Hello, very new here. Quick question. Apologies if this has already been answered.
i have a digitakt which i love. decided to get an octatrack mk2. Purchased one second hand from the uk. can i use the digitakt psu with it? dont want to fry it…
im in Australia

The Octatrack MK2 has a PSU that features a detachable (figure eight), two pin, A/C cord that should be easy to obtain on Amazon for your region. They are inexpensive. Same type of detachable “A/C” CORD that is used on the Digitakt.

You should be able to use whatever PSU is shipped with your OT MK2.


OT mk 2 uses the same PSU as digitakt / Digitone/ Analog Heat. You can always check the specs on the brick. It should say it outputs 12V / 2A or something like that. The mk 1 OT requires a specific PSU.


When looking for a compatible PSU for the OT MK2 the polarity and the type of connector is also important.

polarity: center positive
connector: 5.5 × 2.5 mm barrel jack
voltage/current: 12 V DC, 2 A

“center positive” is indicated by the following pictogram:



Assuming it comes with the UK PSU, you can just use that with a travel adapter


Analog series (mk1 + mk2), Analog Heat (mk1 + mk2), OT mk2, Digi series and Analog Drive use the same PSU-3b (12V, 2A).

OT mk1, MD and MM use PSU-2b (6V, 3A).

thanx a lot for the replies. much appreciated.