Octatrack Project Templates


The Octatrack can do so many things, and starts off as a blank canvas.
One thing I’ve found that bugs people about the Octa, is the fact you have to spend a lot of time learning to program the machine how you want it to work before you can actually use it.
I think it would be cool to start a thread where people can post their “default” sets so we have a library of different starting points without having to program them from scratch.
It would be cool if Elektron would post the default sets described in the manual, but these would be a good place to start.
Crossfader transition set is also a good one to have.
I think this would make it much easier for people to learn the Octatrack and get using it right away.
Anyways, I’ll try and post my default Crossfader Transition set later this week to get the ball rolling.

-edit x2-

Ok here is a better Crossfader Transition Project!


I ended up creating a couple template projects with settings that I almost always use.

i.e., I will have one with track 8 as master with compressor and reverb effects, some thru tracks already set up for external gear being sequenced

midi tracks set to the proper channel for drum machine, external synths etc…

setting up some base projects like that makes it real easy to just pick one, load it up, start going to town, save as new :slight_smile:


@virtual_flannel – great idea! I think a lot of new users would really benefit from having a number of example sets they can DL and try out.

FWIW, everyone might leave a good number of the patterns and parts empty in any sets you upload, just to make sure there’s some blank canvas to play with :wink:


Thanks, and word. Try to leave empty patterns and scenes.
Unless maybe you are trying to showcase certain scenes. Obviously Cross-Fader Transition trick set needs Scene params. If my Octa ever gets here I’ll try to post some stuff. I would like to try and re-create the described set-ups in the manual.


Hey guys - I just bought an octatrack ( and an a4) second hand so this would be perfect for me.
I’ll start a new thread maybe but I haven’t actually made anything yet because it’s in the state I received it - old firmware, samples everywhere. I don’t know enough about the machine yet to really know so I guess my question is - where to start?
Should I format the cf card, load the latest os - then what?
Thanks guys and if I’ve thread crashed I’ll start another - it’s that the ops intentions are geared towarspds someone like me so I’m happy to be the test bunny;)


I would factory reset and load the latest firmware but that’s just me. I would do a backup of everything first…just in case there are some good samples and patches on there.


I agree I just didn’t know if there where any additional steps that maybe aren’t outlines in the manual or Merlin’s that you can think of off hand. Imagine you had an it for the first time but conversely knew everything you now know…


yep, I would definitely save the stuff that was on there, as you learn the instrument you may want to go back and look through what was on there

manual has info on defaulting it, not sure what size card it came with but maybe just pick up a new bigger card and start with that :slight_smile:


Yeah it came with the standard 4gb - I think it’s 32 gb. So ill back that up with c6 and then update and initialise? I’ve literally got 500 gb worth of sample stuff but the gold is my special gols selection with my goldbaby (all his sample packs) and my secret Motown stems…
I got a feeling I’m about to not have much spare time.
Stupid thing I kinda wish I didn’t have both machines to learn at the same time - a first world problems - damn I’ve got two amazing instruments to learn - oh the humanity


With the OT, copy data off CF to computer, it’s in the manual your computer will see it as a drive.


I’ll have a play and run that through the Software editor as another test case :slight_smile:



Here is a new link for my Transition Project! Worked a while fine-tuning this one.


I completely agree. Your transition project has helped me a lot :slight_smile: If you have any others that would be sweet


Thank you


@rusty @horizoneyes Glad someone is getting use out of fam! Really wish this thread had picked up and we had like 20 dope Octatrack starting templates. Like a swiss army knife of project files. That would be dope. I think since it takes a lot of time, effort and learning to build a good template, maybe some peeps are reluctant to share and hold them closely.


How cool is this community?

I will post, when I have one. Getting close, but still making executive decisions.

But first! I will download VF’s and see if mine will be all that different. No sense being redundant.


this is a big help to noobs like me. Cheers!


Same here!
Glad this old thread got revived. Keep sharing 'em (he says, greedily…)


True. Maybe one with some preset scenes for transitions, or some banks or parts loaded up for different purpose e.g playing backing tracks, looping, resampling etc. Really gives a new comer an idea about what can be done, how the file management layers work and for what purposes your would normally use them etc. Can hope…Anyway yours is a great start. Loaded up a bunch of 64 hit sample chains and cross faded into oblivion…


Out of curiosity, what kind of process are you using to propogate your setup?

There might be an idea in there somewhere to “Initialize Entire Set” based on a Library setting… hmmm… ideas…