Octatrack problems

Can somebody with a more astute observational skills help me out with a couple of things?

  1. I’ve been trying to set ONE2 Rec trigs on T2 and let LFO one modulate the LEN parameter to create a gradual shortening of the recorded sample. A couple of weird things happen- sometimes T2 no longer loops even if LOOP is ON in the REC SETTINGS. I try to do the exact thing on T3 and it works BUT the loop is just a super fast loop of a very short part of the sample resulting in a pitch instead of a mind of stutter that I want to design.

  2. how can the latency of the recording/sampling process be predicted? Sometimes it’s almost a 16th note delayed sometimes it’s right on.



You mean In RECORD SETUP? If you are trying to loops a Flex Machine sample, you would set the loop setting in the playback settings. Basically the actual Flex machine settings. The Flex recorders are a separate machine so to say. The Recorder records…and the Flex machine plays the sample.

There should be no latency. Maybe clear the track and all it’s settings and try again.

Noted. Will try again tonight. Thanks!

Be well!

Hi! Where are the playback settings that involve looping again? Long day- my brain is a raisin.

Second page of the playback page.
Its actually quicker to look thing a like this in the manual, than it is to post on a forum and wait for a reply.

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Right. Thanks!