Octatrack pickup duplicate loop function

Pickup machines question.
When I press REC3 as mentioned in the manual I’m getting a dialog «Erase Y/N» instead of an option to duplicate the loop.

What am I doing wrong and how do I double the loop?

I don’t use that function. Didn’t know that Erase y/n message.
Did you try it in several modes / menus ?
Did you try Track + Rec 3 ?

i have only ever doubled by midi pedal - but in this case for mk1 the equivalent REC3 button is the MIDI/Part button which is SRC3 also

Just be sure you are in rec setup and not recording - can’t test on mk1 just now, but maybe the function didn’t translate well over to the remapping to mk2 and without wishing to sound like I’m banging the drum about this there are a few more quirks shall we say wrt PUMs than other machines despite their supposed simplicity

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@eangman, just remembered this trick and I think it is missing from the MK2 manual. It seems that on 1.40 the multiply/doubled loop thing works well.

Mentionned in firmware update improvement list ?

Edit : yes, found it in Release Notes

[MKII] Doubling loops in Pickup machine did not work due to [TRACK] + [REC3] incorrectly invoked track erase instead of pickup multiply.

Can be also usefull before editing a sample in AED. Load a sample in a FLEX Recording slot, change to Pickup, multiply, go back to Flex.


Hey, so doubling loops doubles the length but allows for new audio to be recorded into that doubled slot?

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Yes, with Pickups or Recorders / Flex

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Do you mean the Multiply function is accesible directly from a Flex? Or you have to pass from a flex to a pickup and back to the flex as explained above?

This way. I didn’t try with midi Multiply message though, but I suspect it works with Pickups only.

Hardly usable in live then…

Usable for me. 3 button presses.
You can prepare plocks on a Flex before live, switch to a Pickup.
During live, record your loop, overdub, multiply, overdub, switch to Flex for mangling…

So when you switch from Pickup to Flex you can read the RAM recording without any change, right? I never looked so much at the Pickup machines tbh, they seem quite fiddly.

From what I experienced, yes. A good solution to overdub and sequence/mangle after, pre-slice, pitch without timestretch, etc…
Using 1 pattern, 1 track, no part changes.

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