Octatrack pattern bpm


Is it possible to set bpm per pattern without using the arranger?




I often name part 1 with the BPM. This is a per-bank BPM notation… just sharing how I get by on stage.


Yeah I do the same. Its nice to change bpm in real time anyway I think. Gives the crowd an easy transition.
Some of my patterns are all spacious to allow bpm change without realising it is happening.


A tip in case it helps anyone, if you hold function down while turning the level knob to change bpm it won’t change until you let go of function…


I was looking into all the above the other day weirdly, and settled on Arranger for ease. It did occur to me that it’d be great to be able to associate BPMs with scenes so that you could smoothly transition from one to another, but it appears you cannot.



That would mean being able to plock tempo which would be… interesting


that hadn’t even occurred to me!


Plock tempo with scenes, yes, feature request!

You can make tempo variations plocking lfo speed, slices dest. Obviously more limited but interesting results.


Actually… If you send your muted audio to the cue, have a track recorder resample the cue, then have a flex machine playing the resample, you can modulate tempo via the rate parameter.
Tape style!



I don’t know if I’ll ever find a live application for this myself, but I know what I’m goofing around on tonight!