Octatrack morphing wavetable phase issue

I’ve looked at this old thread for playing back morphing wavetables: Wavetable synthesis

However, while trying to modulate start time with a slide trig or a lfo, I start to see and hear phasing issues. Everything morphs seamlessly with the slider (assigning 0 and 128 start time on opposite ends) with 32bit samples with 128 or 64 cycles of the morphing wavetable inside (16 bit samples create weird artifacts). I’ve talked to two elektron representatives in person about the issue but they can’t figure out what’s going wrong. I’ve opened a support ticket hoping they address this bug because having the ability to playback morphing wavetables would greatly extend the lifespan of an amazing product that unfortunately doesn’t look like it has much plans in the future.

I recorded a short video of the phasing issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUKTDSvh8YU&feature=youtu.be

I’m curious if anyone here has managed to successfully sequence morphing wavetables without using a midi loopback and using a midi lfo to modulate the slider CC.

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