Octatrack MKII switched CUE/PTN buttons


I’ve bought new Octatrack MKII in Thomann.de
and I’ve just find out my CUE and PTN buttons are swapped. :smile:

Is it safe to open the Octatrack and switch the buttons by myself?
Or do I lost my warranty then?

I’d upload picture, but I’m new here. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any ideas,

You do not need to open the unit up - search the forum for buttons in the wrong place or speak to support - it should be easy to do with patience, but read all the advice first - anything related to a recent Elektron should be applicable - these assembly glitches are not uncommon



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thanks a milion.
I’ll search for more info.

Btw. I can now upload the pics. So here it is. :sunny:


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Super easy take knobs off screws off unplug the board take PCbs screws off replace your button then reverse

No, really, it’s way easier than that. All you need is something like a guitar pick and you can quickly remove the buttons.
A simple push is all it needs to put it back in the right place.


Hey, it‘s special, Limited Edition :slight_smile:

No, it would be special if the printed text on the housing was swapped…

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Thanks a lot. Helped!

I just used guitar pick and get it done. Easy!

Thanks again. Great community! :hugs: