Octatrack MKII program change?

Hi Elektronauts!
I’m trying to make the program change with the OCT. I put it already in prog send mode. Program chance on auto at all other devices. The chain is OCT to Digitakt to Digitone Keys to Model Samples to TB03. From Digitone to the others it works well, but from the OCT to Digitakt is the problem. The Digitakt is in program change receive mode and all devices have auto channel on (auto channel 11 for all). Why the OCT doesn’t send, or the Digitakt doesn’t receives the program change? :man_shrugging:t4:

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The OT’s “AUTO” setting is not the same as the AUTO CHANNEL number. I recommend that you use a fixed channel number on the OT.


Thanks for the fast reply! I already found out. Now it works fine! Great! :wink:

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