Octatrack MKII is now shipping!


Can I just ask why you use pickups instead of track recorders though?




ok then


Any fresh factory content or is it same old, same old?


Not delved into it too much but initial thoughts are that the content is the same - definitely hearing a few familiar sounds in there!


Same old, same old. They did a much better job with the DT, but then OT is the instrument you make it anyway, so personally, I don’t care too much.


Thanks chaps.


Still loving this MKII.

Digging into Studio Mode today for some track making with the Qu Pac.
I think it is very usable thanks to having the Qu Pac for stereo FX.

When using studio mode plus stereo fx like the onboard OT reverbs, the stereo FX can bleed into the other channel, so using Qu Pac for reverbs and stereo delays gets those FX back, and in stereo, but keeps the 4 channels more isolated for recording when hard panned.
Also having the 4 Qu Pac stereo fx returns recorded separately is useful for daw mixing later.

Of course other audio interfaces (motu) or mixers with realtime monitoring and FX would do the job. Doesn’t have to be the Qu Pac.

I have many different composition configurations, but I could certainly get by with just the OT MKII and the Qu-Pac, and my TM-2 is still here for when I need a few more drums from the MIDI tracks.


Octatrack mkI - The Terminator
Octatrack mkII - Terminator 2 Judgement Day


Octatrack MKIII - Terminator vs Dark Vador
The Return of the Black Trinity…


Octatrack mkIIII with Overbridge - Terminator 3 Rise of the machines :joy:


OK think “I’ll be back” in the classic Governator voice except replace it with: