Octatrack MKII info

The Octatrack MKII will soon be available in two different colors: gray and black.

As stated earlier in the Octatrack Anniversary celebrations, from early next year, we will be rolling out a version with black casing that will then be part of our standard Octatrack offering.

Check your local retailer for preordering options for the black version, and until then, you can still order the gray version from our webshop and retailers.


Niceeee! I’d say this looks better than the AE version – especially with the minimal Elektron logo – although the red buttons do look cool on the AE. I’ll be picking this Black MKII up next year for sure!

Edit: comparing them side by side, is the text much whiter on the regular Black MKII?


I have a (gray) mk II that I have said will never leave me, but this new livery is making me sweat a little bit. I would love a set of those red rec. buttons in either case, but I’m sure that won’t happen. Elektron should make a t-shirt with those three buttons on the chest.


Looks great, makes me want to do a paint job on mine.

I like more than the AE-

the only think i am not convinced is the paint…if it is glossy…i don’t know if i like it…

Found some more pics on Gear4Music: https://www.gear4music.com/Recording-and-Computers/Elektron-Octatrack-MKII-Black/3OXT

It doesn’t look all that glossy there, the buttons are slightly grey and the white text looks much subtler:


it is beautiful! much better than AE!

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That looks so good. Best of all past OT designs. Me being an old goth at heart, this suits me right down to my stockings. And I do need (okay, want) a second Octatrack. The only trouble is that I have issues with OCD, and my current OT is grey. And they must match, or my brain will explode with anxiety…

Nevertheless, this looks so swanky!


I was recommending bringing out the OT (and AR/A4) in black – so in the end it was my idea kind of maybe? Can I get one for free? Exchange the grey for black? :smiley: It would look so good between DT and DN!

Okay wasn’t recommending… I was more whining back then

@Scot_Solida same here! Maybe we have to wait a bit until the 2nd hand prices go down… and then buy 2! Or 3 - one as collectors edition - and keeping it mint :slight_smile:


Don’t worry :ecstatic: It’s the same matte shade of deep black as on its Digi friends.



Do you sell the faceplate for loyal customers?

Today last AE unit was sold in Russia. And I saw last one on MusicStore come back and sold fast.
So it seems like Elektron was waiting while retailers sell all AE to announce regular black version)

Beautiful! I still love the gray and how it stands out from the crowd.

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I believe we have sold face plates as spare parts to users who have accidentally broken theirs, but I don’t think we have any spares of this one yet since it’s so new. But check with support, they know if it can be arranged. :+1:


I’m happy with my AE and the red buttons :wink:


its photo from https://www.elektron.se/products/octatrack-mkii-black/ in lower

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It’s great, can I get a black body for Analog Four?
I am very loyal customer – right now I have two RYTMs (black and grey, lol), A4, DN

As I said above, not sure if we can do. Create a support ticket to check with our support guys. The cases are built so they normally don’t break unless you really mistreat them, so AFAIK it’s not a common issue.


I know the post says we can pre-order the black OT at specific retailers, but will it be available at other retailers too? Guitar Center is where I buy my gear, but it isn’t listed.