Octatrack MKi vs MKii


I just tried a couple of boots with the crossfader in farious positions and/or wiggling it about while it boots and not problems on mine. The fader indicator is where it should on booting.

Also in the process of leaving things on the AED screen for a length of time. No issues so far.


Possibly. I just played an OT MK2 at my local music store - using only the factory content :smile: - without any issues. Needless to say I now have 3 OTs at home - temporarily…


No doubt mk2 is better.

I’ve thought about getting another OT (I have mk1)…but tbh id prob grab a second hand mk1 for cheapness and another box of some sorts for same money as mk2.


Ooh that’s excellent news, thanks for sharing!


No issues with my cross fader or the graphical display of its movement and position.


Where is it? I see only the internal led meter and it doesn’t show anything when not in recording mode.


Was messing with the mk II again. This might be placebo (as havent made a blind A/B and even cant cuz no mk I at my disposal anymore), but I really dont notice any ”tone suck” with external sound sources even when the gainstage is not 100% optimal. So I will be looking more into using the octa as a 4 input mixer in the future, no doubt about it!


Has anyone had issues with this on the OT? I thought it was a problem specific to the aalog boxes. LCD is a really mature, reliable technology, while OLED is still quite new uand untested in the long term. I’ve got/have had/have used a ton of equipment with 25-35 year old LCD displays hat were still fine, maybe slightly dim from time to time but even that has been pretty rare for me. They don’t really fail that often. I’ve literally never experienced one that was actually dead or damaged, although the DR-660 I have right now is kind of faded and has a poor viewing angle. But it’s 25 years old and judging by how weak the aftertouch sensitivity has gotten on some of the pads it saw a LOT of use. Even the MPC2000xl that was the center of my rig from 2010 until I got the OT last winter (and before me was being used by a guy who was making his entire living selling beats and used it so heavily that he was averaging 8 completed beats a day for long enough that he’d had to replace the pads,sensors and data slider because they’d all worn out under normal studio workload) has a screen that is still working perfectly after around 15 years, and that’s a piece of gear with a well known heat dissipation problem that specifically damages the LCD.

Personally I’d trust a mature technology that had a track record decades long and was nearing its end of life over a technology that had only been in wide use for a few years and still has plenty of industry-acknowledged flaws if reliability an longevity is important.

OLED looks great but personally I’m not interested in being an early adopter.

EDIT: BACKLIGHTS on LCD screens definitely get a bit dim over the years though, even when the screen itself is fine. I had a couple of early 90s Alesis rack units for a while that I got in a trade and ended up trading to someone else, and they were still perfectly usable but definitely not quite as bright as they were when they were new, judging from the brightness of other gear from the similar era.



My Monologue and Rytm sound great recorded into it.


Yep, LCD screens are extremely reliable. There is almost no chance of burn on LCD but it’s literally unavoidable with current OLED tech. The poster you replied to has it backwards


Even the burned out MPC screens were tracked down to heat damaging the glue that held on the ribbon cables, it wasn’t the LCD pannels themselves. Maybe it wasn’t as much of an issue on the later, blue ones like I have because my screen is still flawless.

I don’t really follow the forums for the other Elektron stuff since I don’t expect to own any of it (just don’t have the funds, and I like to spread my gear buying around to different companies anyhow, to get a more unique sound palette) but was the burned screen issue ever figured out? I know people were speculating that it might have been a little bit of torque on the panel from the mounting hardware but that’s about as far as I followed it. Seems like whatever it was it was a fluke, either a defective run of LCDs or some quirk of the chassis design or something. Maybe if the chassis was getting hot on one side but not the other it could even expand enough to put a little pressure on the LCD, although that seems like a stretch.


Has anybody A/B’d the ins and outs yet? I’m ready to buy an OT to pair with my Rytm. I was just going to get an MKI because the hardware upgrades don’t matter that much to me (I’m happy with the screen and encoders on my Rytm) but I’m mostly going to be sampling from the lines-in and a serious sound quality boost would tip me over the edge to the side of MKII.


I notice it with some sources (but it’s usually down to gainstaging) but I’ve grown to not really mind it even when it happens. It’s part of the sound. No worse than the timestretch and summing in Ableton.

I listen to quite a bit of Legowelt and there are plenty of parts in his newer tracks where there are obvious Ableton timestretch and pitch shift artifacts all over it and it still sounds great.

When I’ve got my live Octatrack-based setup down and have enough solid material to start recording it I’ll probably record any other synths direct and use aux sends or something to send duplicates to the OT inputs for processing, but even that is more because I’d want to have more control of the mix and be able to use different reverbs for variety than because of any complaints about the OT’s sound. For live performance I’ve got no hesitation to go mixerless and have one less thing to carry.

EDIT: even though I have no plan or funds to upgrade I’d also be very interested to hear a/b comparisons, but level matched and also straight out of the two machines with the volumes set to the same value (to hear how much of a difference there is in the output levels).


Regarding the inputs, they seem to be significantly quiter in DIR or THRU mode than those on MKI. However recorded stuffs are fine with their level.


I’ve been sampling a lot on OT2 just using the iPad headphone out to 1/4" inputs on OT. Sampling scratch recordings from auria and happy with how it sounds. Everything ends up in an MP3 player so don’t sweat it.


Would highly recommend trying that ipad with an audio interface through CCK, even with a Behringer UCA the difference in sound quality is not small.


Haha, This!
By the time our tunes get to people the fidelity of our instruments or recording equipment is generally neutralized anyway…
(Don’t get me wrong, I still love me some high quality sound.)

Edit: I’m just laughing at what happens a lot, this reply has nothing to do with recording advice and I’m in no way suggesting to not care about audio quality…


I mean, just because some people are gonna listen to our tunes on laptop speakers doesn’t mean we should throw fidelity out the window, no? I’m all for lofi as an aesthetic choice but in this specific scenario, any kick I recorded out of Patterning through the ipad jack sounded like a cardboard box in a room down the hall.

Anyway, off topic, sorry. I’d love to hear some A/B of mk1 vs mk 2 recordings!


Just because I’m traveling so it’s what I got.
Will feed through apogee duet at home. But I’m really bored with obsessing on perceived sound quality, I think it’s effective marketing, nothing more.


Sure, the best gear is stuff you use even if it’s not acoustically optimal or whatever. Just offering a heads up about the ipad converters.