Octatrack MKI Look & Feel VS MKII


Well, except you’re often holding FUNC and pressing YES, too, so why spread them out more? :smiley:

I like your mock-ups, they’re cool.


I’m coveting a mk II, so de-gassing myself with my perfectly good mk I

(Mk I also has a bigger screen :slight_smile:)


mk1 more lo-fi sounding, instant win for anyone wanting dat elektron vibe.

in all seriousness, for me it’s also the black/red/white colour combination. Something that’s very industrial and monolithic looking with the dark face plates and stark edges with the blood like splashes of red giving life to the cold brutal feeling of the mk1s.

anywho, change is good and just cements the design/style of the OG black trinity as its own thing.


elegantly laid out, like a streamline rocket


Yes but the play button should be aligned with the lfo one. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I wonder how you can live with the Scene A button on the Mk1 :wink:



Yep, do you see how it is completely missaligned with the trig below? Ugly as hell :tongue:


MKII has one hilariously flaw, as others on this thread have pointed out. You can’t tell what page you are on (active pattern page) because the LEDs don’t vary enough in brightness? People should be aware of this if they plan to use it live, and Elektron should fix it.


This is seriously annoying and, according to Elektron, fixable via firmware. I never know what damn page I’m on.


I bought a Octatrack because I was fed up with the sync issues I had with my loopers. I preferred the MkI estheatics, but the extra buttons really made me hesitate between used MkI (+/-700€) or new MkII ( +/-1150€ street). When my local official dealer had a special offer, brandnew unboxed MkII for 950€, I didn’t hesitate. I definitely don’t regret it. Those extra buttons are the ones I use most, indeed.

If you don’t plan to use these quick access buttons that much, and you prefer the MkI look, it makes sense to get a MkI for less. Depends on your planned use I guess.

Yes that’s really annoying, a daily (hourly) struggle. I have a Digitone too and it is perfectly readable. I hope this is a FW issue that can be fixed remotely, not a poor choice of resistors or something!


one thing I noticed when trying out mk2 units is that I don’t like the button itself to contain the LED, because I often will hover over multiple controls with my hands/fingers during both production and performance, which then makes it difficult for me to see the LEDs when they are beneath the button instead of next to it or above it. I have a similar issue with touchscreen devices in general - something I’m going to have my hands all over for performance/production isn’t exactly something I want to have to move my hands off of in order to briefly get better interface clarity

also, those who have had mk2 for a while, how is that rubbery coating on the buttons holding up? I do not like that stuff at all - ever since that rubbery plastic coating stuff started showing up on computer mice and I found out it melts/deteriorates into gross gunk after a few years it has been irritating me - in comparison my mk1 OT buttons just keep getting almost indistinguishably smoother and shinier over the years :slight_smile:


I’ve had my OT2 since late August, so maybe not long enough, though I use it pretty much daily. All the buttons and knobs feel the same as the day I got it


The coating/finish (whatever it is) on the controls feels durable to me, much nicer than the cheap-o version found in consumer gadgets (like computer mice). Only time will tell.


I had my octa mkll for a couple of months, really enjoy it, except for two little details. 1/ when i press a knob to let’s say activate a midi channel for ex, it sometimes takes time before working properly 2/ when you want to know the value of whatever parameter, it changes the value ( i prefer the way we handle this with digitone/digitakt ) … Other than that, this instrument is just incredible


I second this.

And this.

How does seeing the current value of a parameter work differently on the digitone/digitakt? I’ve not used them.


If you press the encoder down it shows you the value, if you switch to another mode besides “track” mode the values for the edit page parameters are displayed instead of knobs…


On Dt and Dg you see the value as soon as you touch the knob, and the value stays the value that was assigned before and after you touched the knob ( unless you want the value to change ofc :horse: )


Yes it shows the value but also changes the value ( by one on my ot … ) that iz not nice


Prefer the mk1 footprint and aesthetic. Mk2 extra buttons look helpful but would probably only save me about 1 minute per session. Glad it’s still in production though in case my mk1 dies and maybe own a mk2 at some point.