Octatrack MKI Look & Feel VS MKII


Since we’re off topic, I once painted a QY8 white.


I appreciate all the feedback on my question. Thank you all! Lots of interesting nuances in the differences I never would have guessed.

I stopped into B&H Photo in Manhattan today and got to jam on an OT for the first time.

What really shocked me about the MKII is the rubberized controls. Really did not like that. Otherwise no complaints. Side note: I was blown away by how cool playing the OT was.


Welcome to a very very deep rabbit hole of learning my friend =)


The OT in almost any incarnation will still be the best thing that’s ever been available to mutilate sampled material in the hardware dimension.

The OT didn’t change the game, it took the ball and went home for baked beans on toast and came out again with a totally new game. And we all stayed up after the sky went black to play…


Shout out to this video which has a side-by-side comparison.


No question you are correct. I have used numerous sampling groove-boxes and pro rack samplers over the years (plus DAWs) and what I experienced jamming on the OT today I can’t even describe. It was like a musical instrument from an alien race.


I’d say not the best, there are crazy modular things, but the one with the most precise control of more than 240 parameters with a single fader, with the easiest way to set this. Correct me if I’m wrong ! :smile:

OT is easy, after a while.

@LyingDalai sleeping after long studies…:tongue:

I know, @Rusty book missing…

Elektron should provide special pills to understand all possibilities very quick, but maybe they don’t know ALL what you can do with it !


I want this in my life.


Last obvious question I promise. :grin: Is there any advantage to buying a MKII from Elektron’s site VS another retailer? Ignoring price.



I’m on the MKI and haven’t seen a MKII in person, I didn’t realize it had rubberized controls. That’s a bad move, that rubberized coating breaks down over a few years with regular use,and gets bumpy and sometimes outright sticky if you’re especially unlucky. Surprised they chose to do that.


I would love love love other color faceplates for OT, Would be dope in Red too


I took the plunge on a new MKII. :expressionless:


I prefer the mk II screen by far, but prefer the mk I encoder action. FML


insanely gorgeous


this looks soooo nice! I don’t understand why they changed size and colour of the new gear


After a while with mkII I think I would not want to go back to mkI, even though there are still some aspects of mkI I prefer, overall the mkII wins on use, the extra buttons being the main reason, the screen being another.

I don’t think you can go wrong with either TBH


I’ve stuck with OT Mk I due to the alignment of the arrow keys.


would drive me nuts compared to THIS:


Well ok, except the Yes/No buttons are grouped together with the arrows cuz they’re often used together. It makes sense from a practical design perspective.