Octatrack MKI Look & Feel VS MKII


Don’t be such a square ! :smile:


hahaha - pic of that Yamaha is a must now :ecstatic:


This is my only gripe with my Mk2. It is difficult to tell which page you are on at a glance and I often find myself cycling through the pages a couple of times to tell where I’m at. Don’t recall having that problem with a Mk1.

But, the small UI changes on the Mk2 are fantastic. If you can snag a Mk2 new at a decent price (or 2nd hand) then you will have a lot of joy out of it. The OT’s 2nd hand value has always been fairly strong though. Anyway, having owned both, I simply could not go back to the Mk1.


Nice - who needs labels anyway? :wink:



Totally agree w/ you… Would be great if we could see which page we’re on !!! Apart from this little but important detail, i love my mk2


I prefer some things about mk1 (buttons, LEDs, screen) but mk2 extra buttons do make navigation easier and faster, if you can get along fine with all the (sometimes illogical) button combos of the mk1 then IMHO no reason to get a mk2, especially if cost is a factor - mk1 can be stupid cheap if you look around for a bit. Performance wise very little difference if any.


Looks very good!


Now, ya’ll imagine if @sezare56 had access to the mk2 - it would simply be TOO easy for him. No, let’s keep it old school for us oldies :wink:


it seems weird that they didn’t have the extra buttons on the mk1 to begin with. big fan over here :]


Yeah MKII is too easy ! :smile:

What about the Black MKIII ?


i once played outside under sun light and couldnt read anything on my digitone, which has the same buttuns as the mk2 octa. the Leds on the older machines were still readable…


This! Noticed the same once the sun lit my apartment where the machines are sitting - its easy to NOT see the differences on the new Buttons anymore. And sometimes - when the sun strikes fully - i cant even see the light of the buttons at all. On the MK1’s its on/off with a decentely bright red - still easy to see in direct sunlight.


I have MKI but I ordered MKII when it came out as I found a great deal which turned to be great only in price but the device was defected so I had to return it :slight_smile: However I had a chance to compare the two machines side-by-side. And my conclusion is that… I prefer MKI. I really love its look :slight_smile: And it seems to me more robust, durable instrument than MKII (that’s just pure feeling, I’m sure).

I have no problem with rounded buttons, and even though new buttons are lighter, they are more sticky to swipe through them with finger. And I really missed those two RED record buttons on MKII :slight_smile:

MKII also had some bugs which really annoyed me, especially the missing increase in brightness of leds signing active scenes or active pattern page - this is a great feature on MKI.
But I agree, having a dedicated button to access sample editor, and being able to edit pattern settings even in Arrangement mode are great missing features on MKI :slight_smile:

I’m glad staying with MKI.


yep, THAT i’m ok with :ecstatic:


Bought mk1, loved it. Then elektron announced mk2 within my return period, so I returned mk1 and waited patiently to get a discount on mk2.

Also loved mk2. But even after some time, I realized that I missed mk1. It just clicks with me better. Black>grey. I actually prefer the round buttons and separate LEDs for visual feedback. I also like the crossfader and knobs.

So I found a nice mint used mk1 for a good price and I am very happy with my decision.

Now I have both and keep mk2 as backup, or secondary setup in a flight case. Easy to swap cf cards when needed!

I think you can’t really go wrong with either.


Always wish I had a backup but I know that even if I did I’d start using them both in tandem because possibilities


I love the screen and additional buttons for workflow. It’s more intuitive after stretches of inactivity.

I’m actually not that crazy about the multicolor Track buttons on the other newer Elektrons.
They spit out a lot more information, to the point that it is too much.

On Digitone, the Track buttons are always blinking from trigs, if muted or unmuted, and half the time I can’t tell which state they are in. OT MK2 mute buttons don’t have this behavior, which is nice.


Off topic I know but don’t suppose you put a backlight mod on that too? I have QY70 and love it except the dim screen


nice. Would instabuy if they made cases like that