Octatrack MKI Look & Feel VS MKII


This is my first post. Please school me in etiquette if necessary.

I know the specs regarding OT MK1 and MKII, but I don’t have access to either machine. For anyone who has used them both, does one prefer the “look and feel” (subjective) of a particular edition over the other? And why? Given the identical feature set and sound quality, I’m particularly interested in any differences which people perceive as having enhanced or detracted from their creativity when using either box.



In my opinion the added function buttons make the workflow a lot more seamless and easy to learn.


Thanks, appreciate your response. Its good to know new buttons are not extraneous additions.


Yeah I have a mkII and watching tutorials and stuff done on a mkI makes me thankful for the interface of the mkII


Yup, it’s astonishing the difference a few buttons can make to the interface. Having said that, I preferred the black color and round buttons. But maybe that’s just me. Still, the new tweaks to the interface more than make up for it and overall, I prefer the MkII.

Really, though, it’s a deep, complex, and ultimately immensely rewarding machine, no matter which version you choose.


I’ve got an OT mk2 and RYTM mk 1 (same kinda buttons as OT mk1) and I think the new buttons are insanely better. Better action, better lights, more buttons. I also like the grey color body but that’s not really important.


Thanks for sharing your experience. I am a bit hung up on the MKI color and round buttons. Its a classy and classic design.


I’ve had both and prefer the layout and extra buttons of the mk2. I never had a problem with the round buttons, but once I experienced buttons that light up and can be easily read in the dark, I haven’t looked back.


What about the “silky smooth crossfader”?


I wasn’t bothered about upgrading too much but I didneventually end up with a mk2. I’m surprised how much I like it in person, the new screen is nice, much clearer, less faded looking and you can see it at any angle. Videos don’t do it justice. The extra buttons are nice, better if you’re just starting out but for me I keep pressing the wrong button because of muscle memory, I’m sure I’m not alone in that but it’ll pass. The backlit buttons are really nice and I think it just seems generally clearer what’s going on. The encoders are much more responsive so they require a bit of a lighter touch and sometimes it’s a bit sensitive for trying to fine tune small increments. Nothing too bad though, just requires a bit of a steadier hand. Personally I’m glad I picked up the mk2 but you can probably get a mk1 for half the price if you look around. You won’t go wrong with either. It’s a bit like paying extra to have a fancy interior in your car. Not at all necessary but still nice

@sezare56 the cross fader wasn’t exactly hard to push to start with, not much difference there. Maybe slightly different. It might be easier to tell with one of each next to each other but little discernible difference for me


I got the MK2 when she came out. I sold it again after about half a year. I still had an NI maschine, which in my opinion (at that time) offered the same functions and was more manageable. Which is true in a way. What had always bothered me about the MK2 was that the lights had dazzled me. They are too bright. Also, I could never tell which Pattern side I was on (4 LEDs on the lower right side). Now I’ve got the MK1 again for less money and I’m very happy. I use it as a sequencer for my modular system and of course as a sampler. I do not miss the additional buttons with the MK2. In addition, the design fits better with my AR MK1 and A4 MK1.


I prefer the mk1 since the grey one would severly hurt my OCD…


Beautiful! Same OCD here, all black. Black face plate for MD. Even painted black my QY100.



the mk1 circular trig buttons are worse than Brexit



Mk1 owner…

The size difference - haven’t checked the dims but the Mk2 looked huge when I saw one. That’s a plus for the Mk1 for me.

Step numbers being clearer makes Mk2 appealing, but what’s with leaving off the banks?! Also if the button lights really were too bright that would really bug me.

Other than that it seems an improvement.


OT MK1 vs 2 is the same size :wink:


Oops. Are the other Mk2s bigger? Maybe I saw one of them…


Dedicated REC 3 button is such a good move


Quite a lot ! Total deal-breaker for me. Much prefer 2:1 ratio !

You began with square buttons, isn’t it? :wink:

I admit I may prefer the look of my Black MD, so I’d love a Black MKII special edition or MkIII whatever…Btw, MKIII needed for bank letters !


I’m square button mad I am :]