Octatrack mk2 question


Hi I’ve got a mk2 on the way and just had a couple of questions. I’ve got an A4, Digitakt and a heat but am still relatively new to Elektron gear (got my first piece about 9 months ago) and I’m still learning my way around the units. I love all the gear so I pulled the trigger on an ot but I’m honestly a bit nervous about the learning curve that everyone talks about with the ot. My question is did the layout and shortcut improvements on the mk2 improve ease of use a lot? I’m not expecting digi-like instant gratification but just an opinion on the changes from people who have used a mk1 and an mk2. Also I’m not sure how the ot will fit into my set up yet but I want to take my time and learn with it using it standalone as a groovebox, sampling mainly the A4 and 2 M32’s and a couple of drum machines. Can the ot function well in this way or is it a bit of a waste not using it as a central hub? I like to keep my gear minimal and it would be cool if I could just sample my other gear into it and make complete tracks. I’m asking because I know the depth of the machine from reading people’s posts and videos but don’t know the machine myself, any input would help. Thanks


I can tell you that I struggled to learn how to get going on mki that I borrowed, tried mkii in store for an hour and it really started to click with me with all the shortcuts. So a total beginners opinion: wasnt sold on mki, after trying mkii, I’m considering buying :slight_smile:


Ok cool that’s a good indication, I’m gona be completely new to it as well I was hoping the new shortcuts helped a bit with understanding it faster


I’m hoping so. I hear people talk about commitment to the machine a lot to be honest it’s half the reason I’m getting it, I want a challenge and I’m hoping the rewards are mega. What about using it standalone? Is it wasting its potential or can you still squeeze a lot out of it?


Ok mad yeh cyborg barfight haha if practice can get me halfway to that I’d be happy