Octatrack MK2 Data Entry Knob and Page Button LED Issues

It’s 100% fixable

It’s not a feature

I have owned all Elektron machines (bar Digitone and Heat) at some point and none have had this issue


So, not enough support for too many products…where/when did it went wrong, @Olle ?

I really like my MKII but i’m going to return it while still in buyers protection period. With this kind of support it’s going the wrong way.

Nothing went wrong really. It’s a super capable machine even with a little dimmer LEDs on the Page button.

Came across this thread and took a closer look at my Elektrons: both my Octatrack (bought new january '19) and my Digitone (bought new october '18) click “in a satisfactory way”. The only thing I am slightly annoyed with is that they are very sensitive: when clicking I change the value 50% of the time (getting used to it though). But they do click normally, maybe just slightly less than the Analog Keys I just received (pre-owned, manufactured october 2016). Maybe a batch production issue?

On the other hand, the page led issue is an absolute annoyance, so I join the crowd hoping for a fix.

Agree, the machine is fine and I like it a lot. But I don’t have the feeling that you take your customers serious. For me the LED light problem is a ‘biggy’, for others maybe not. But already waiting 16 months for a fix, that is hard to explain to your loyal customers.

Will it be fixed?

Yes it will :slight_smile:


Thank you for this. :heart_eyes_cat:

I know it can be troublesome to promise anything, but the dialog has been opened between companies and customers, in pretty much all sectors of business - I hope this glasnost policy you demonstrated grows within Elektron. Again, thanks.

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Thanks in advance, Olle

It’s not a little dimmer… it’s a lot

I’d go so far as to call it a complete pain in the arse


Hi Olle,

This means that Elektron has a team working on Octatrack OS updates?

Can you tell us if there´s going to be another change? Maybe customizable mute behaviour (audio/sequencer)? Maybe another improvement?

This machine can be massively used in lives, Elektron only has to keep improving it!!

EDIT: Please tell the right people there, the decision makers, that we´ve spent a lot of money in it, don´t cheat us with only a screensaver and a led correction…


There is a bugfix update planned. Unsure yet when it will be slotted in.

No new features or major changes as there are no more processor cycles left and for all changes, even for bugfixes, refactorization and optimizations are needed for it to fit so it’s very tedious work.

The OT has had a long life with an incredible amount of updates and added features over the time and is now full.


Thanks for the response, I understand the hardware is at its limit.

Anyway things like a small options or like the mute mode are maybe doable. Only the mute behaviour is a stopper for lots of live performances.

I hope you could find the way.

@olle thanks for the info, re. the page LEDs could the LCD be use to help better indicate which page is playing? This would then free up the page LEDs to show the currently editing one? Maybe green led for page being edited, red for other pages.

The tempo display already has the 4 blocks under the tempo value, these cycle in accordance with the beat, but maybe they could be changed or modified to indicate page?


Thanks for the reply, appreciate it!

So, if I understand you well the Octatrack MKII has reached the final end of development. When will MKIII be announced? :smile:

Hmmmm…just bought one last week, was that wise? (Asking myself…)

Enjoy and don’t overthink… when the MkIII comes out you won’t even have scratched the surface of the MkII

Octatrack MKII is the same as MKI. It’s not an Octatrack 2, it’s a MKII. They share the same internals(with a few exceptions like the input/output circuit), runs the same OS.

The reason for the MKII was that components went end of life and we took the opportunity at the same time to upgrade to the new panel components that are way better and the new display. This so that we could continue to manufacture it. A couple of buttons was also added to make a few things easier accessible.

Yes! The Octatrack is amazing and such a versatile tool.


You really ask if buying a finally finished product instead of a “work-in-progress-underfeatured-and-bug-infested” one is wise??? What a strange world we are living in …


No, you did not understand.

I do understand.

A product which has reached its “final end of development” (as you named it) is - at least in my book (and I’m a product developer since 3 decades now) - a finished product. Look at the update history of the OT and you will see how it has progressed its way to this final stage.

Nowadays such finished products are very, very rare, because almost no one cares anymore to finish a product over a period of a few years (and that’s what it really takes for a complex product).

(and, btw, being out of development doesn’t mean being out of support in any means)