Octatrack Mk1 main output volume very low, maxed out volume settings with normalized sample

Hey everyone,

The main output volume on my Octatrack Mk1 seems to be very low.
When I play live, the sound engineer has to crank the gain on the mixer, making the OT super noisy. I’d like to avoid this.

As a test, I have a normalized kick sample being triggered.
Every volume parameter I can think of in the Octatrack has been maxed out:
Track Level: 100%
Amp Volume: +63
Main Output Volume: 100%

Even with all these parameters absolutely maxed out, my audio interface is reading the incoming signal as -11.3 db.
I’m in “normal” mode, not studio, so I’m sure I’m controlling the master output level, not the headphone output level.

Is this normal?
When I leave what I consider to be a reasonable amount of headroom in my mixes on the OT, my master outputs at around -24db.
Maybe this is expected behavior, maybe not.

Please let me know if this matches your experience?

Are you using T8 as master?
Do you have any scenes active?
Are you using the main LR output, or headphone output?

A better way to test is using a normalised looped single cycle waveform.

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Difference between normal and studio mode is that studio mode displays main out and cue out levels, main out level is [Function]+[Level] or encoder A when mixer is open.

Edit. My OT is definitely hotter, a looped single cycle sine wave, normalized to 0 db clips my inputs before amp volume is near maxed out (track level 127). Didn’t have time to test any further.