Octatrack mk1 Crackles - Help!

Hello everyone,

I bought my OT two years ago secondhand and never experienced any issues. Had the Update recently. Suddenly I noticed a persistent weird crackling that sits ontop of the sound I make. A bit similar to when the buffersize in Ableton hasnt been put rightly.
I tried reupdating, Flex vs Static, different exits (its both in Headphone Out and the usual Out), nothing.
Has anybody experienced similar issues?
Could it be that there is an option to change the internal buffersize?
What can I do?

Thanks to everyone, looking forward to your answers and ideas!


Hi, haven’t heard of this myself. Here’s a couple things you could try to help troubleshoot.

  • Have you tried checking the speaker cables/headphones?
  • Can you hear the crackling if you record a sample on OT and play it back on another device?
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I don’t have an OT and can only wish you luck in fixing it, but sample it before you do!


Have you tested it with a freshly created project?

Yes to all of them unfortunately, and the Crackling persists. I.feel its often coming if the amplitude is changing drastically.
Any more ideas what I could be doing to handle that?

You could try test mode to see if you get any hardware errors during boot up.


Maybe its a groundloop of some sort? I would try to sample something with only the source connected to the octa and nothing else. No midi, usb or other audio sources and check if the problem persists

Thanks for this idea, but its “in” the sound - different projects, set, reformatting the card, problem still persists. recorded directly to fieldrecorder and its there, too.

no errors unfortunately :frowning:

Support ticket to elektron