Octatrack midi


Hello! I am trying to route an Akai LPD8 through the octatrack to control my pedalboard, with beat clock. I can use it through the midi thru but there is no clock, I am receiving clock when its connected to the out. Is there a way of sending OT internal clock to the Thru or merging the midi in to the midi out with clock?



hi :slight_smile: i’m afraid you can’t send OT’s MIDI clock to the Thru as that’s just a copy of MIDI In on the OT. you could use a MIDI merger to send both clock and LPD8 to the pedalboard


With an active midi track using Auto channel or any midi track with same channel you can send incoming midi data and clock via OT out.
Midi track channel must be different from audio track channels (default are 1-8).

Yes if you plug OT out in OT in, you can send midi clock to thru, but if you want to use an external controller you need a merger.


I’m using the Lpd controller to trigger my pigtronix looper while playing pedal Steel Guitar, the rest of the board is moogergoogers that need clock. So am I right in thinking I need a merger box?


Not if you do this :


Ok thanks, I’ve only used the octatrack as for audio. I’ll jump in to midi thanks!