Octatrack midi trig issue


I have some issues with the midi of my Octatrak mk2 (V1.40A),When i make parameters locks on notes on a few trig sometimes it seems that certain steps are mute, it doesn’t send any midi data (i’m not seeing the blink on the screen) For exemple, on a 16/16 pattern, all trig are active (red), i make parameters locks (notes) while listening to it and suddently a trig or several trigs are skip (not midi send). The only thing i find to “reactivate” this trigs are trig+yes for preview, or change the midi channel, or restart the octatrack. It does the same thing sometimes when i change the root note for transpose the sequence.
Anyone had this issue before ? Is it a bug or i did something wrong ?

Thanks !

I never encountered that. Same behavior with a fresh project ?
I guess you don’t use trig conditions…

Do you plock notes only? No lfos?

A note with VEL(ocity) with value 0 is not sent. Plocks of lfos on VEL can mute notes. (Lfo on VEL was a trick to mimic trig conditions before their implementation).

Thanks for the answer !
I tried too with a new project , no trig conditions indeed, no lfo either only notes are parameters locks.
I think this issue comes from the trig preview (trig+yes) i did it when listenning (trig+yes until i find a note i like) and there the trig doesn’t work (seems midi off on that trig)
It’s weird, maybe a bug ?

Possibly. The best you can do is to make a video to show it, from a fresh project.

I tested with 16 trigs plocked with preview, apparently all notes were sent, played at 30 bpm with short length for easier display (right dot). OT MKI

I made a video to show it :


I changed the channel midi in this case to get it work

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