Octatrack Midi -> LXR-02 problems


My simple setup:

Octatrack Midi out -> LXR-02 Midi in, directly, different cables tested just to be sure.

Octatrack settings were transport & sync on, off, in all combinations…
LXR Midi Channels were union (different notes), or different channel, all combinations too.

I put notes down, 4 on the floor.
first cycle:
only 1 plays, 5, 9, 13 skips
next cycle:
only 13 plays, 1, 5, 9 skips
next cycle:
only 9 plays, 13, 1, 5 skips

It’s kinda like that. Sometimes it behaves a little bit differently, but most of my tests result in the above.

and so on…

Im not a noob with both machines…
octatrack can sequence other gear (707 par example) without issues…
akai force or polyend tracker can sequence lxr-02 without issues…

I’d like to sequence my lxr with Octatrack, because I want to, but I cant.

I hate this situation and don’t know what to check next.
Perhaps it’s the note off issue?

Anyone has both and can try it please?
Please :wink:


Thank you!

I’ve put it in “General Discussion” because I don’t know where the problem is.

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Recent LXR purchaser (literally arrived today).
I will be eyeing this thread as I am looking to use the LXR with my OT as well. :grimacing:

perhaps you can give feedback aswell, if it works for you, or not. i cant find my rk002 that’s why i cant check if its the note off thing or not.

Will report back. Currently at work and anxiously waiting to get home.

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We may be better off posting the issue here as well Erica Synths LXR-02 Desktop Digital Drum Synthesizer - #771 by chapelierfou

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Good morning!
I think crossposting is not necessary, it will convolute information.

Had you time to try out sequencing the lxr-02 with octatrack and can tell if it worked for you?

Thank you Freddy!

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Have not. Got tied up and only had a limited time with the unboxing and reading of the manual. Will have some more time after work today.

I didn’t have this problem with the Sonic Potions LXR and Octa.
Check with Erica Synths. Try a different sequencer?

Already checked other sequencers, as written in my opening post :wink:
I think my Octatrack might be faulty.

I have been frustratingly pulled away from my new LXR for various reasons the past two nights. Sorry I can’t give you a reference more quickly.

Hi Freddy, don’t worry!

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Do you have the arp on?

Ok 've made my first attempts at midi and am possibly finding the same thing. I cannot play notes quickly at all chromatically. Its as if the tail of the not has to end before the lxr will take a note value. Im clicking all over the place with the note set to any and still only plays a note change after a bar basically.

Did you ever get anywhere with this? Looks like we may be in the same boat.

Just bumping this up. The main LXR thread is gushfest and no one responds to help with troubleshooting it seems.

If I remember correctly, there is a problem with the LXR MIDI when it’s also receiving MIDI clock.
Try disabling or filtering the MIDI clock to the LXR.

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I finally figured it out thanks to @darenager. The OT sends vel0 instead of note off for midi notes. Apparently the LXR is not suited to receive this type of note data. I switched to using midi with the DN in my setup and it works perfectly fine (DN uses note off). Not ideal because the OT is my brain, but not a deal breaker as of yet. Finally get to have full potential of fun with this thing. Though i reeeeeaaally wanted to use the midi arp on the OT. Guess I can route it to the DN then to the LXR. :man_shrugging:

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Ah, the old Note On with Velocity 0 problem.

You could use a BomeBox to fix that, maybe a MidiHub can do that too.
It’s a bit expensive maybe for just this one problem.
A cheaper alternative would be the Retrokits RK-002, but that needs some coding skills.

Of course, if you’re happy with the workaround of routing through the DN there’s no reason to change that.

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I considered the Retrokits, but I am definitely not a coding wizard. @gekkonier provided a link to his script for this so I might give it a go down the line.

You will need a linux, perhaps mac works. With windows it doesnt work (arduino ide)

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